Rerailing Machine

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Rerailing Machine 
Hydraulic Rerailing Machine is a new type of hydraulic up equipment, and it mainly aimed at the coal mine car, small locomotive and car has the particularity of the elaborate design, the series of rerailing machine is mainly composed of a hand pump is responsible for vehicle jacking and lateral movement, thus complete vehicle rerailing work.

Hydraulic rerailing machine has simple structure, convenient operation, big reset distance, up efficiency higher characteristics. The machine can be divided into parts, fast loading and unloading, easy to carry. Especially the use of hand pump, are connected by a hose, operations, people are far away from the vehicle, safe and reliable.

It is used for under 15 t machine (mine) reset operation, lifting height 220 mm, transverse distance of 300 mm; Also can take up a job with, run in the mining area ground using the car on the underground line, due to various reasons such as speeding, collision, line quality, often happen to derail off phenomenon, bring great influence on production, safety.
The Equipment capable of erection,re-railing and clearance of any rolling stock i.e diesel of electric locomotives, passenger coaches,good wagons including tank wagons and all other type of rolling stock of all gauges.
This equipment be of a modern design, extremely liable and robust,meant to be used at the site of accident and to be light weight and portable.
The equipment be of robust design and able to withstand manual handling while moving it from place to place on rough terrain.