CNC Spring End Grinding Machine

Product Details

CNC Spring End Grinding Machine
It mainly used for railway spring, engineering machinery spring etc.large spring end grinding so that the height and smooth finish to meet with process requirement.

1、Wire diameter:φ10mm—φ70mm
2、Outer diameter:φ80mm—φ500mm
3、Height: 250—1000mm
4、Material: spring steels
5、End grinding: Can grind two spring end at the same time,or clamping four spring.
6、Work holding: can put two or four spring at the worktable at the same time
7、Cooling model:machine tool cutting coolant, recycling, attaching the waster removing device
8、Grinding wheel OD./Quantity: 900mm×1(grinding wheel is consumable parts, so customer supply it)
9、Grinding approach: Wet grinding 
10、Guide rail: Rolling straight line guide rail
11、Work holding: pneumatic clamping
14、Total capacitance:Main motor 37KW, total power 42KW

Feature details:
1、PLC control large spring grinder, mono lateral clamping the spring, can grind a end of the spring, high speed feed cutting, Wet grinding can effectively reduce the grinding temperature, to ensure protect the end from burning, also it has good dust prevention measure and good precision.
2、CNC can programme feed model, can achieve evenly mico feed, to make low loss, low pressure, low heat, precisely grind; multi-pass to feed, rough grinding, accurate grinding, polishing etc.multistep grinding, one-time-forming.
3、Servo drive the multi-pass to the program, keyboard can quickly is convenient to change the grinding wheel.
4、Apply CNC system, high grinding accuracy, the perpendicularity, parallelism and flatness etc.are very good.
5、Use electrical control component with high stability, to meet the production requirement of 24 hours continuously work.
6、Apply the high quality anticorrosive paint to make the lathe bed more durable.
7、High grinding efficiency, unilateral two station can grind two end at the same time, According to the different WD, OD, the yield can up to 50-200 per day.
8、The main structure of the main engine with high stiffness, large bearing and horizontal type, can clamp two or four spring at the working table, large power electrical machine can grind for one end of the spring;the grinding wheel and lathe bed guid rail with whole sealing, work environment is clean and tidy.
9、Lubrication system, the configuration of the lathe bed guid rail with electrical filling pump to extend the lifetime. 
10、Recycle cooling system: water pump spray style cooling,machine tool cooling fluid, good cooling effect so that prevent the bonnet from rusting, the system automatically stop working and give an alarm when the parameter get to the set amount of grinding.