Winding Machine Controller With LCD Screen Display Advantages

Winding Machine controller with LCD screen display advantages
In the 1930s, when the British invented the Winding Machine, it was a combination of gears and pointers such as pure mechanical watches to show the number of turns. However, after a period of time, the counting was inaccurate with the wear of mechanical parts such as gears. And this Winding Machine can only be used at a slower speed.
The eighties to open a semiconductor digital tube, after a lot of start in the Winding Machine controller, which makes the Winding Machine can not only intuitive display of the number of turns, you can also display the number of groups, paragraph, yield and other parameters, Speed and stability and durability have been greatly improved, especially in the degree of automation and high speed CNC Winding Machine has been widely used.But its shortcomings are obvious, such as can only show 0 to 9 ten A few Arabic numerals and a few simple English letters, for more functional operation can not help. To achieve the request had to install a lot of instructions on the controller and a lot of buttons to achieve, so that the operation of the workers become very Complex and inconvenient, the entire controller looks dense holes, people look at the eyes that look lanient, and also make the controller circuit cumbersome, is not conducive to the stable use of the machine and maintenance.
In the mid-1990s, the liquid crystal display began to be used in the Winding Machine. As the automation requirements of the Winding Machine were higher, the more parameters were set, the greater the amount required to be displayed, so that the liquid crystal display was able to show up and now Winding Machine can be the same as the four arrow keys plus a key to determine the key to the control of the control panel looks simple and bright, and LCD display supporting the use of new large-scale integrated circuits, all the control units are concentrated in a piece Integrated computer motherboard, similar to the current home computer is to do so, so that the machine can be more stable, more convenient maintenance, there is the convenience of human-computer information exchange, so that users with more convenient, more operation Heart, the boss can not use skilled workers, or less workers, any one up to be able to operate, and digital tube LCD display can not only show the number, but also display Roman, English, Chinese, lines, simple graphics , So that the display becomes more intuitive, so that the complex automation of the machine can be simple to operate, but also to the wing machine to give humane and emotional.
For example, the operator does not set the correct parameters, the machine will immediately remind you: the settings are not correct. Machine failure, the machine will show that there is a problem in that part, how to solve, and every time the boot will show: You use the Kaida brand Winding Machine, "then the machine began to self-test parts, after you will be using the factory you are using a model of the Winding Machine, such as KD-4C type, KD-C type and then show "Al Qaeda" two positive characters. Up and down four pages of the function keys can be page-by-page into the need to operate the page, set the required parameters, such as diameter, group number, turns, slot width, forward and reverse, from Position, positioning angle, cable, cable direction, pre-braking time, continuous work or intermittent work, whether tap, package tape, inch paper, layer stop, etc., of course, most of the parameters of the machine default, Each item is set, you need to set the machine and the instructions given by the instructions to modify, set the end simply press the OK button, similar to the home computer on the Enter key, a button to get, as long as you will operate the use of mobile phones, Can be very good use of our Winding Machine。
Two thousand years since the emergence of a large screen, the backlight of the liquid crystal display, for the Winding Machine, making the display more gentle, clear, bright. Can be used in the harsh environment for a long time is not damaged. Also color LCD display also Is beginning to use in the Winding Machine, which makes our Winding Machine more and more sophisticated, but also to the majority of users have more choice of fine Winding Machine convenience.