The Safety Precautions That The Machine Tools Needs To Pay Attention To During Operation

The safety precautions that the Machine Tools needs to pay attention to during operation
Mechanical tools are generally high-speed operation of the model, for the operator is only reasonable and standardized use of mechanical tools to ensure safe production, in the daily production of the hidden parts of the main security risks are broken wire, rotating parabolic and error Operation caused by injury accidents, etc., the following Dongguan Huiyue technology to talk about the mechanical tools in operation need to pay attention to the safety issues
 Mechanical tools in high-speed operation when the spindle is in high-speed rotation of the state, such as the emergence of parts of the loose will occur high-speed parabolic accident, such accidents accounted for 60% of mechanical safety accidents, users in the design fixture and time Pay attention to anti-off design, regular tightening these parts, to prevent the occurrence of such incidents.
Mechanical tools in the course of running the wire has been in a high-speed alignment of the state, this time the high-speed movement of wire will produce a certain amount of heat and pull the force, if the operator touch is very easy to burn and wire cutter Accident, so when the equipment is running is strictly prohibited to touch the wire.
 The precise positioning of the Machine Tools when parking is very important it will directly affect the accuracy of the winding, most of the winding equipment manufacturers use the brake to control the spindle parking, with the use of time and the increase in the number of times will inevitably There are parking position deviation and abnormal sound and other issues, there is not allowed after the positioning of the judge and adjust the equipment can be resolved due to positioning caused by the deviation of the taps, slot deviation and other issues, then how to make precise positioning of mechanical tools?
 First, the parking parameters of the reasonable settings
The operation of the Machine Tools is run by the low speed - high speed and low speed switching. In the normal operation, the spindle is equipped with a certain load. The high speed operation plus a certain load causes the equipment to produce a large mechanical shock. There is a slowdown in the process, the higher the spindle speed, the longer the process of deceleration, in most of the equipment controller are equipped with parking deceleration function, the function of the device from the high-speed to the parking state of a deceleration process parameter settings , High-speed operation or load larger conditions need to set the value to be increased accordingly, combined with the actual winding process to set the value of a reasonable.
 Second, the brake time check
The brake in the Machine Tools is a loss part, its work performance decreases with the increase of the use time, will reduce the braking torque, the brake problem mainly concentrates in the following two aspects: 1, the brake coil performance is reduced 2, Brake pads wear, in the actual use of brake pads wear is more common, you can adjust the brake clearance to repair.
The mechanical tool of the winding function is based on the actual needs of the coil winding configuration, the operator only fully understand the working principle of mechanical tools, master a certain maintenance and adjustment skills, can make the machine to achieve its maximum efficiency.