The Product Reliability Is The Breakthrough Of The Machine Tools Industry In China

The product reliability is the breakthrough of the Machine Tools industry in China

At present, the domestic Machine Tools tools products are uneven in terms of technology, quality level and technical level. In the middle and low levels of the technology, it is a challenge for most small and medium-sized enterprises in China. Desperate to find exports, many domestic companies are caught in a dilemma.

In addition to the key technologies, the other important aspect of China's Machine Tools is its reliability. Small batches produce 10 pieces, 8 pieces are reliable, the quantity is not reliable. The reliability of the product is related to the management, the process equipment and the technological route. Overall, the factors affecting the reliability of China's distribution kit are mainly raw materials, especially the quality of steel. Domestic Machine Tools companies are generally not big enough to demand special goods from steel mills. There is also a gap in technology and equipment, with flexible production lines in foreign countries and strict controls for every program. There are also problems with heat treatment. The reliability of the resulting kit is not good, which results in a failure to improve the quality of the host. The reliability problem is not solved, the domestic match is sold cheaply, and the user won't buy it.

At the end of the first step, the local Machine Tools tool will be able to overcome the defects of the product quality and stability, and then try to solve the core technology. To connect seamlessly with the international first-class enterprise, the blind area casting net is obviously a little "hard not to please". The development and expansion of the manufacturing industry of any country will go through a difficult process, its own transformation, the creation enterprise, only the feet on the ground!

The worst days of our machinery are probably over. From the Chinese mechanical tools association, the decline in the growth of machinery tools has now largely bottomed out, and it is unlikely to decline significantly in the future. October 1-2012, according to data, machine tools complete total industrial output 14.9 trillion yuan, up 11.91% from a year earlier, the growth of nearly 10 years (except 2009) to a minimum, than in 2011 growth dropped by 13%. At the same time, the other five major economic indicators, including industrial production value, profit, export income, product yield and fixed asset investment, all fell.

But the head of China's machinery industry federation said that while the growth of major economic indicators had fallen sharply from 2011, there was still a double digit growth in 2012. "Output growth is expected to be around 14 per cent; profit growth is expected to be around 5 per cent; export growth is expected to be around 10 per cent." The certain machine tools leading indicator shows a positive signal, signal machine tools have positive signs of economic operation, and the positive contains positive factors of the transformation and upgrading, and innovation.