The Principle And Advantage Of The Insulation Components Processing Machine

The principle and advantage of the Insulation Components Processing Machine

Insulation parts processing machine working principle is to use an additional electromagnetic ac motor speed control device or equipped with frequency converter to realize speed regulation function, PLC programming control criterion, all kinds of wire automatic production process. Multi-axis insulation parts processing machine is widely used in EE transformer, EI transformer, coil class, inductor, ABS, switch power transformer and special products.

Performance advantages of Insulation Components Processing Machine:

1. Environmental protection and non-pollution, the appropriate national RHOS test scale.

2. Efficient and efficient, save labor cost, one person can guard several machines at the same time.

Humanization design, PLC fully automatic production process, simple operation, satisfy user experience degree.

4. Adopt the variable frequency governor, the winding line is unchanged, the coil is orderly and orderly, the outer ring is beautiful.

Using the latest power technology, the product is not scratched and scratched.

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Design scheme of automatic Insulation Components Processing Machine

Working principle of Insulation Components Processing Machine:

Insulation parts processing machine is used for cutting the number of a fine alloy wire, because it is in the United States imports of big drum is estimated at around 50000 metres long, with online cutting machine is too large and heavy, cannot be used under the condition of normal work can only be used for small volume of alloy steel tube, so you need to large volume of alloy steel tube, roll into small alloy steel tube, small volume of alloy steel tube of about 2500-2500 meters, can be used for wire cutting machine, metal wire diameter Ф 0.31.

2. Main technical requirements of Insulation Components Processing Machines:

1, because only Ф alloy wire diameter 0.31 mm is fine, and alloy steel wire itself is hard, in the process of winding tension is easy to break loose to run around and ranking is not neat, do not conform to the requirements of the process,

In the process of winding, the winding can not be too fast, nor too slow, nor can it be blocked or stopped when it is started or stopped, which is suitable for the physical properties of the alloy wire itself.

3, large volume of alloy steel tube with small volume alloy steel tube, in the process of alloy steel wire winding excessive wheel (1) and the excessive wheel (2) vertical drop down to the small volume of alloy steel tube, and alloy steel wire on the small volume of alloy steel tube from left to right, from right to left, in turn, winding cycle, to ensure the winding drum alloy wire order, consistence, transmission parts must be with high precision, adjustable speed constant of the step motor and servo motor. Because of the high precision, adjustable speed constant internally, by the pulse signal to control with external sensor signals to control the motor speed, start, run, stop working state, to meet the process and technical requirements.

Iii. Design scheme of Insulation Components Processing Machine:

1, insulation parts processing machine is according to customer's company to provide insulation parts processing machine processing technology and technical requirements for design, according to the working principle of the above host control adopts imported brand omron, or Siemens PLC programmable device, main transmission part adopts stepper motor, servo motor. Zhang Lisong, in the process of alloy wire wrapped tight tension sensor signal, counting frequency using rotary encoder, all the sensors to collect control signals such as speed, synchronous operations, tension, counting to PLC, complete parts processing machine winding insulation technology requirements.

2, Insulation Components Processing Machine stepping motor drive assembly call standard plate installed on the working platform, small volume alloy steel tube transmission assembly at the same time, the level of fixed on the stepper motor drive assembly standard drag board, synchronous control signal acquisition is installed on the driving wheel 2, rotary encoder pulse signal (speed), to control the small volume of alloy steel tube transmission assembly and synchronization of stepping motor drive assembly, direction control signal from the proximity switch control respectively on both sides of the left and right directional control so as to achieve synchronous winding process. The results of the internal operation of the PLC to control the speed of the large rolled alloy steel wire drive assembly and the small rolled alloy steel wire drum assembly.