The Principle And Advantage Of Automatic Winding Machine

The principle and advantage of automatic Winding Machine
Automatic Winding Machine is the working principle of the use of AC motor additional electromagnetic speed control device or install the inverter to achieve speed control function, the use of PLC programming control system to achieve a variety of wire fully automated production process. Multi-axis automatic Winding Machine is widely used in EE transformers, EI transformers, coils, inductors, automotive ABS, switching power supply transformers and special products.
Fully automatic Winding Machine performance advantages:
1, environmental protection and pollution-free, suitable national RHOS detection scale.
2, efficient and efficient, saving labor costs, one can guard several machines at the same time.
3, user-friendly design, PLC automatic production process, simple operation to meet the user experience.
4, the use of frequency governor, winding the same, neat and orderly coil, the outer ring high degree of beauty.
5, using the latest power technology, the product no scratches scratch phenomenon.
Automatic Winding Machine in the processing of the work is generally need to use the matching mold to produce the corresponding motor stator coil, different types of motor used in the mold is not the same, our common motor Winding Machine mold with a heart mold , Bracket mold, universal adjustment mode, and other types.
Weaving wood mold widely used in batch automatic Winding Machine manufacturing process, the mold has a baffle and a combination of mold, the material are generally made of electrical wood, winding coil set in the motor Winding Machine The use of fixed on the bobbin, with durable, accurate size, easy loading and unloading and so on.
The stent is a small and medium combination mold, mainly used in the automatic Winding Machine repair industry, this mold has two ends of the metal bracket, die and other components, the material is usually high-strength plastic, the need to use the metal bracket and motor around Line machine connection, with the use of flexible, lightweight and so on.
Finally, CNC Winding Machine manufacturers to remind, no matter what the use of winding molds, mold should be measured. Winding mold measurement, the need to pay attention to the width and height of the mold, and the bar is matched, too tight will affect the mold loading and unloading, too loose will cause the mold shaking affect the cable effect.
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In a factory with a good industrial environment, Winding Machines and other equipment can play the greatest performance, and vice versa is easy to cause all kinds of boring machine incredible symptoms of instability. So, what factors will affect the stability of the Winding Machine? Factors affecting the stability of Winding Machine, including temperature, temperature, ground, air, power supply, space, operators and so on.
1, ambient temperature. The temperature is too low or too high temperature is the killer of all electronic products, this should be a consensus, so the placement of the Winding Machine is best equipped with auxiliary thermostat equipment.
2, environmental humidity. Winding Machine is composed of many electronic components of the integrated circuit, the insulation performance and environmental humidity has a great relationship. Humidity is too large, easy to cause a short circuit board and burned. Humidity is too small, prone to static electricity, but also breakdown of some electronic components. So the humidity is too large, too small, will bring a potential threat to the Winding Machine.
3, ground factors. Many factories need to produce the motor drag, vibration and other physical displacement action, not only bring great noise, the machine work to bring the violent vibration may bring damage to the Winding Machine, so placed in the Winding Machine , As far as possible so that the Winding Machine away from the source of the work site.
4, power supply system instability, power supply voltage fluctuations, power outages, industrial and rapid development of life, the demand for electricity is also increasing, many areas have insufficient power supply, voltage instability, power outages occur when the situation occurs The Voltage instability and sudden power failure, resulting in frequent system restart.
5, the operator. The operator's proficiency in the operation of the Winding Machine also affects the stability of the Winding Machine. The operator who uses the Winding Machine must be professionally trained to know the correct method of operation.