The Machine Tools Is Stable To The Power Supply

The Machine Tools is stable to the power supply
A Machine Tools is usually equipped with a pay-off motor, stepping cable motor, spindle motor and other power components, these components are mainly responsible for the Machine Tools tension line, cable, winding and other technology, which is the quality of power There is a very strict requirements, if it is unstable power supply, it will make the motor abnormal out of sync, jitter, fever and other issues, if the long run will damage the motor internal coil. We can see a stable power supply is a necessary tool for the normal operation of Machine Tools, our users should pay attention to the use of Machine Tools in every detail, Machine Tools only in a good environment to maximize the efficiency, greatly improve production efficiency, Promote the better development of enterprises
The normal operation of Machine Tools is the need for many elements of support, which power is a very important part. We all know that Machine Tools are a sophisticated equipment, widely used in the transformer manufacturer, it is the production environment and processing technology have strict requirements, which we mentioned in the previous content, a good Of the power supply on the operation of the Machine Tools has a great impact, the following specific analysis, I hope we can seriously study, which is to better operate the Machine Tools.
We all know the controller in the Machine Tools in the important role, it is the core of Machine Tools, bad power supply will directly affect the normal operation of the controller, the power inside the factory often appear current shock and voltage instability, these Are the influencing factors. The controller is responsible for the overall operation of Machine Tools and control of a part of the power supply parts, if disturbed by the power grid instability, it will be prone to black screen, parts out of control, there are crashes and other states, so our workshop should be in the layout of the time To provide special power supply and other measures to ensure the power supply of Machine Tools, so as to better run the Machine Tools for production operations.
When the insulated wire automatic Machine Tools in the event of disconnection failure called Machine Tools open circuit, which is the lack of internal motor situation. When the Machine Tools is broken, the motor will appear a series of failures, ranging from start-up difficulties, three-phase current imbalance, abnormal vibration, the temperature appears beyond the controllable range, Machine Tools smoke, charred and so on.
(A) the reasons for the emergence of Machine Tools caused by the main circuit break, the line was seized during maintenance; manufacturing process problems; Machine Tools of the components of the wire welding poor, overheating desoldering; Machine Tools by external damage; Machine Tools short circuit and grounding, Resulting in burning and so on.
(B) the detection method
Observation method. The most common position of the breakpoint is usually at the end of the machine tool, which can be found by visual inspection of the two ends of the machine tool.
2. Multimeter or shake table detection method. Respectively, the end of each phase of Machine Tools, infinity of the phase for the broken phase.
3. Power detection method. In the normal operation of the motor, respectively, using a clamp ammeter to measure three-phase current, if the three-phase current imbalance, and can eliminate short-circuit fault, the minimum current of the Machine Tools has a road fault.