The Future Development Trend Of Machine Tools

Machine Tools are typical electrical machinery processing and production equipment, the entire production and processing technology is the structure between the enameled wire finishing and winding process. The main trends in the development of automation technology for Machine Tools in the future of technological development include the following three main types of automation products, including control systems, drive control, motion control, man-machine interface and sensors. aspect:
First, the development and customization of special models
There are many types of coil processing, the use of wire and the requirements of all kinds, for those who have special requirements of the coil processing, domestic manufacturers have chosen to give up, after a few years of technology digestion and absorption, mechanical tool manufacturers technical force Are in the growth, for those who have special requirements of the models, can also be much easier to deal with, with the processing capacity of manufacturers to enhance the custom cycle is also shortened.
Second, the modular function of the controller will get more applications
Modular function of the controller can be based on the different requirements of Machine Tools, and flexible configuration relative to the PLC has a strong computing power, communication convenience, the advantages of lower cost, mechanical tool control requirements are relatively simple and fixed, very suitable for the application Modular modular controller, the current Machine Tools are more used in PLC and CNC dedicated controller.
Third, high capacity, multi-functional models will be universal
At present, the main Machine Tools and single-headed winding processing, the function is more single, long linkage winding will greatly improve the efficiency of Machine Tools and production, the design can effectively reduce the complexity of the equipment to improve drive efficiency, Convenient process adjustment, reduce maintenance. At present, the processing of electromagnetic coil, motor coil and ballast coil has been used in the long linkage technology; mechanical tool is a step of the coil processing, the future development will enable a variety of functions integrated into the coil fully automated processing, testing, A variety of auxiliary processes.
The emergence of CNC Machine Tools around the late 1960s and early 1970s, due to the advent of TTL logic gates at the time, in Switzerland, Germany, the United States have appeared in the CNC machinery tools, the mid-70s with the development of CMOS technology, Digital integrated circuits are widely used in the control of various types of equipment, Western countries and Japan have emerged in a separate CNC machine tool manufacturing industry.
China in the early 80s after the reform and opening up the introduction of Japan, Switzerland, Germany and other countries of the CNC Machine Tools, before we concept in the mechanical tool refers to the traditional hand-mechanical Machine Tools used to manipulate the winding, China began to study, manufacturing CNC Machine Tools.
90 years, with the great development of market economy, China's CNC machinery tools gradually into the stage of rapid development, manufacturing CNC machine tool manufacturers are also all over the country, a wide range, across multiple industries, such as winding a variety of motor Fixed rotor, car, motorcycle fire coil, all kinds of solenoid valve coil, fluorescent lamp ballasts, all kinds of transformers, televisions. Radio in the week, the inductance coil, line output transformer (high pressure package), speakers, headphones, microphone voice coil, all kinds of welding machine, the textile industry in the yarn, sewing thread, embroidery line, yarn Color cards, as well as glass fiber, fiber, wire, cable, heat shrink tubing and so on.
After entering the 21st century, with the continuous improvement of the performance of the core system of CNC system and the servo drive, PLC, drive motor, precision sensor, hydraulic actuator used in a large number of CNC Machine Tools, making today's CNC machine tool winding speed , The accuracy of the coil, the production efficiency will be greatly improved.In addition, with the future of CNC Machine Tools from the general type to the special type of change, there will be more and more specialized industries dedicated to the use of CNC Machine Tools come out, this is the NC The future direction of the development of Machine Tools.