The Developing Trend Of Mechanical Manufacturing Industry

Advanced manufacturing materials, energy, equipment, capital, technology, information and human resources through advanced manufacturing technologies, advanced management technologies and advanced manufacturing processes into products of human needs of industry. Goal of the industry is: high quality, high efficiency, flexible, low cost, low labor, low consumption, many varieties and specifications of products, therefore, facing the 21st century development trends of manufacturing technology is reflected in the following aspects:
2.1 precision
Precision machining and ultra-precision machining technology, micro-machines is one of the directions of modern machinery manufacturing technology development. Precision and ultra-precision processing technologies, including precision and ultraprecision machining, grinding, grinding and machining and composite plus (such as mechanical chemical polishing, ultrasonic electrolytic grinding and polishing), three main areas. Ultra-precision machining technology to Nano (1nm=0.001 μ m) technical development. Nano-technology in Nano-mechanics, Nano-electronics and nano-materials technology has been applied. Thus, it promotes science, optical science, measurement science and the development of science. United States made in 1997 for the first time with a diameter of only 60 μ m electrostatic micro-motors, as well as dozens of Micron micro-gears, springs and micro-institutions. Wuhan University research into Nano-electrodes, to be inserted in living cells for the first time to measure neurotransmitters within the cells of dynamic information. Former national research scientists working on micro-robots, micro-robots could sneak into the body's blood vessels, vascular, diagnosis and treatment of disease in organs to dredge. According to forecasts, 21st century will be the era of micro-mechanical and electronic technology and micro-robots, so some people refer to nanotechnology and MEMS as the core technology of the 21st century.