The Application And Prospect Of New Machine Tools

The application and prospect of new Machine Tools

Many customers fully automatic Machine Tools according to the manufacturer after buying equipment setup and configuration, also have some customers need to change the component position and function of the Machine Tools can be in line with their own production process, Machine Tools during the design and manufacture are generally have a certain position allowance for convenient maintenance, replacement parts, etc., using the allowance for customers can do some improvement, but all improvements must be within the device allows a maximum of, blindly secretly modified equipment might damage the equipment.

Machine Tools spindle rotation is refers to provide power to pull enameled wire power shaft rotation, different specifications of the Machine Tools spindle configuration is different, the adjustment of the Machine Tools spindle generally includes the following aspects: the shaft position, concentricity adjustment, attach other winding process, the shaft position adjustment is usually due to mechanical tool in the process of winding the distance between the spindle and mesa do not conform to the requirements of the production process, each process needs certain work space, attention should be paid to the fuselage of the shaft position of the size of the hole position, adjusted will affect the normal operation of other parts; Concentricity adjustment is the most common, the mechanical tool is in operation a period of time after the concentricity of the line axis and the thimble can be deviated, need timely overhaul and adjustment.

Adjustment of wiring devices are generally line distance and the adjustment of the turning diameter, row line distance adjustment is due to equipment around the point and winding process adjustment, don't pay need method is generally a mobile device to position sensors, it is important to note shall not exceed equipment of mechanical origin position, must have certain allowance, in order to ensure the equipment in place when the mechanical collision will not occur. The mechanical tool will also be caused by different manufacturers to make different adjustment methods. Before making adjustments, the user should contact the manufacturer timely and ask for the adjustment points.

30 s when the British invention Machine Tools is made of pure machinery such as clocks and watches, gear and a pointer to display the number of turns, but use after period of time, such as gear wear of mechanical parts, will be inaccurate count. And this kind of Machine Tools can only be used under a slower speed.

Must make a semiconductor digital tube, eighty was a lot of after use in Machine Tools controller, which makes Machine Tools can not only intuitive show the number of turns, you can also display group number, grade, production parameters, such as the speed and stability and durability have greatly improved, especially in the degree of automation and high speed nc Machine Tools has been widely used. But its drawback is obvious, such as can only display 0 to 90 Arabic numerals and a few simple English letters, for the function more operations. To meet the requirements to install many associations in the controller of the light and a lot of keys to implementation, thus the operation of the workers have become very complex and inconvenient, the controller look of hole, let a person feel at first glance at liao disorderly, also make the controller circuit trival, is not conducive to the stability of the machine use and maintenance.

The mid - ninety - LCD used in Machine Tools, due to the higher automation requirements for Machine Tools, set up the parameters, the more demand shows that the greater the amount of liquid crystal display is to lead, it like a mobile phone now high-grade Machine Tools has the four directions of key plus a certain key can do everything. The control panel looks simple and lively, because of the new type of large scale integrated circuit and LCD, integrating all the control units are concentrated in a computer motherboard, like home computer now is to do, so that we can make the machine more stable and maintenance more convenient, and can be convenient for man-machine information exchange, let users with more convenient, more &conve-nient operation, the boss can don't have to use skilled workers, or to use fewer workers, anyone will be able to operate, and the digital tube than LCD can not only display number, also can show the Roman character, English, Chinese, lines, simple pattern, make show more intuitive, make complex automation machines can be simple to operate, to the Machine Tools give personal and emotional.