Technological Innovation Is The Worst Of The Development Of Winding Machine Industry

Technological innovation is the worst of the development of Winding Machine industry

Winding Machine and its related industries to go their own characteristics of the development path, the key is to speed up the enterprise as the mainstay, market-oriented, production, sales, research and development of a combination of technological innovation system.

First of all, enterprises should support the Winding Machine and related equipment manufacturing industry to form a technological innovation system. According to the market demand for the development of high-grade automatic Winding Machine, in the Winding Machine manufacturing industry plans to build transformers and various types of electromagnetic induction production of automated winding equipment, the formation of large-scale automatic Winding Machine, ultra-precision Winding Machine, special Coil automatic winding design, high-grade automatic Winding Machine and Winding Machine CNC system performance test center and other research centers and self-run enterprise laboratories, consolidate and develop the domestic Winding Machine industry has the automatic control system, flexible manufacturing technology and other fields Of the technology and product development tasks.

Technical innovation to the Winding Machine and functional components of the backbone of the main business, sales, research and development of three aspects of organic integration, through the introduction of technology digestion and innovation, integrated innovation and original innovation, etc., to master the key technologies of contemporary automation, development New varieties, improve their own research and development capabilities, improve the domestic automation and control systems and key functional components of the supporting capacity, in particular, to enhance the domestic, high-end automatic Winding Machine in the supporting capacity. These are inseparable from the country's strong support to key projects as the basis, to speed up the promotion of domestic Winding Machine. For some major automation equipment projects, through the "production and research" cooperation in the development and joint introduction of technology to digest innovation and other means of operation, the implementation of state-led, government procurement and other policy-oriented, and vigorously encourage domestic enterprises to order and use of domestic Winding Machine.

Second, to go "demand-oriented, host traction, focus on breakthroughs, the surface to promote" the technical line. In the high-end automatic Winding Machine new product development projects according to the actual needs of the market users to set up, common and key technology research and functional components to the development of the industry to attract traction to meet customer needs for the fundamental purpose. Strengthen the automatic Winding Machine common and key technologies such as high-speed technology, intelligent technology, composite technology and environmental technology research, common and key technology research must be high-end transformer automatic Winding Machine development as the goal, Winding Machine machine reliability and industry level.
At present, China's automatic Winding Machine industry in the initial stage, the industry is still in the mutual imitation of technology and cruel price war and other difficulties. Automatic transformer Winding Machine combines the mechanical, transmission, electrical control and other aspects of technology, so the basic theoretical research is the basis for the development of new technologies, only the core technology to promote the development of winding equipment, all aspects of technology development Efforts, so that China's winding equipment will gradually embark on the path of independent innovation.

Automatic transformer Winding Machine is a typical electrical machinery processing equipment, the entire production and processing technology is the structure between the enameled wire finishing and winding process. The composition of a Winding Machine requires the use of many types of automation products, including control systems, drive control, motion control, man-machine interface and sensors, in the future development of the technology of automatic transformer Winding Machine automation technology development The trend has the following three aspects:
Modular function of the controller will get more applications: modular function controller can be based on the different requirements of the Winding Machine, and flexible configuration relative to the PLC has a strong computing power, communication convenience, the advantages of lower cost , Automatic Winding Machine control requirements are relatively simple and fixed, very suitable for the application of modular modular controller, the current Winding Machine is more use of PLC and CNC dedicated controller.