Summer For The Maintenance And Maintenance Of Machine Tools

Summer for the maintenance and maintenance of Machine Tools
Summer for many Machine Tools in the hot case of work, there may be failures, such as computers, there will be a blue screen, as well as Machine Tools, Machine Tools will be hot due to hot weather there will be some failure, Affect the normal operation of the enterprise. So the arrival of the summer on the Machine Tools and other machinery should be maintained and maintained.

About Machine Tools for summer maintenance and maintenance.
In order to ensure that the Machine Tools in the summer can work properly, in addition to the correct set and operation, but also must be targeted maintenance and maintenance. How to maintain it? Is to clean the machine every day, but also to regularly check, for example, a week 2 check, but also look at the location of the mechanical tool ventilation is good, easy to damage the place to carefully check the clear, so as to ensure the normal work of Machine Tools. Daily cleaning of the machine tool is the cleaning of the Machine Tools and fans of the dust and clean the dust and check this site. The use of general Machine Tools will have a long time accumulation of dust on the surface of the machine tool and the location of the cooling hole, will lead to poor mechanical equipment caused by the failure of heat. Periodic inspections are primarily for the smoothness of moving parts and transmission parts, and generally include spindle motors, brakes, stepper motors and cable systems. At the same time on the mechanical tool winding concentricity and thimble clamping force to do the inspection. Strengthen the ventilation and cooling machinery tools in the design and manufacture by the size of the constraints, are generally used compact structure design, in the hot summer, Machine Tools inside the greater heat, prone to electrical components failure and failure, Machine Tools should be placed In a highly ventilated environment, conditional can be more external fan.

The main parts of the maintenance of the wearing parts include motor bearings, thimble bearings, belts and cable position system fastening, for the summer to make some comparative adjustments, such as the brake brake clearance and timing of the belt and so on. Machine Tools are precision equipment, regular maintenance is essential, the correct use and reasonable maintenance, can effectively extend the life of Machine Tools and reduce the failure rate. Machine Tools to set up and use the first must be around the type of wire objects characteristics, the number of laps and the appearance of material, winding speed to have a considerable understanding, such as self-adhesive line, enamel cotton, etc., set the diameter to increase a lot , Because the skin is not smooth, less inertia characteristics.

Thin wire winding speed should not be too slow, but must be slow to start climbing, so as not to pull off the wire. Thick line is not too fast (speed), but must pay attention to whether the low-speed torque is sufficient. When using aluminum, please note that the tension to be transferred to the same thickness of the copper wire much smaller, so as not to wire diameter, external insulation paint burst, affecting product quality. When the use of aluminum wire due to reduced tension, set the diameter to be appropriate to increase. Combined with their own strength need to take some less rounds.
It is a very large relationship between the height and the outlet distance of the [type] and the cable. The square is not too fast, and there is a rounded unevenness in the middle, and the cable is tidy. The height of the object and the cable should be appropriate, too low line easy to fall into the next layer, too high there will be jumper phenomenon. Machine Tools The distance between the cable and the object should not be too far, will affect the cable with the coupling of the accuracy. Cable outlet of the loose, but also related to the winding and cable beautiful or not. Machine Tool Setup Precautions Calibrating the width of the object and the opening point is the first priority and the most important.