Sheet Processing And Fabrication Requirements

Sheet Processing and Fabrication requirements
The engineering design unit or the construction contractor shall provide the wall layout plan and the relevant technical indicators of the wall in the construction drawing in advance to the installation of the partition board, including the following:
1 Description of the choice of partition board type and axis distribution, wall thickness requirements, doors and windows distribution location and hole size, pipeline distribution location and slot size;
2 clear the use of functional requirements of the partition wall, with or without water, hanging heavy objects and the measures should be taken;
3 provisions of the partition wall fire, sound insulation indicators;
4 clear strip of the wall of the impact resistance, seismic function requirements.
In order to ensure the quality of the project, it is required that the engineering design unit should meet the basic requirements of the function of the board wall and make use of the function, so that the performance of the partition wall can reach the best target.
A wall that separates the interior of the building. Do not load the wall, the general requirements of light, thin, with good sound insulation performance. There are different requirements for the walls of different functional rooms, such as the wall of the kitchen should have fire resistance; bathroom partition wall should have moisture resistance
Plate processing and manufacturing construction is simple and convenient, reduce labor intensity, speed up the construction progress, saving the total project cost, to meet the different customers of modern building indoor and outdoor environment requirements.
Plate processing and manufacturing is a new type of energy-saving wall material, it is a kind of appearance like a hollow floor of the same wall material, but it has a bus on both sides of the base, the installation only need to stand up, A small amount of caulking mortar after the assembly can be. It is composed of harmless phosphogypsum, light steel slag, fly ash and other industrial waste residue, by the frequency of steam pressure curing from. Sheet Processing and Fabrication with the advantages of light weight, high strength, multiple environmental protection, thermal insulation, sound insulation, respiration and humidity, fire, rapid construction, reduce the cost of the wall and other advantages; weight is only one-eighth of the solid brick wall, the strength of C30 , The thermal conductivity is only one-third of the solid brick wall, acoustic wave conductivity is only a quarter of the solid brick wall, automatically adjust the indoor air humidity, saving industrial waste occupied by land, put an end to industrial waste air and water pollution, Saving fifteen to twenty percent of the cost of the wall, increasing construction efficiency by three to five times. In addition, because it is the use of harmless treatment of phosphogypsum for wet production, do not need to dehydration and drying of phosphogypsum, so do not need expensive equipment investment, it can be said that Sheet Processing and Fabrication technology will expose Open phosphogypsum comprehensive utilization of the new chapter, has a prominent environmental significance. Modified plate processing and manufacturing is based on light burned magnesium oxide, magnesium chloride, silicon, calcium and other composite cementitious material as the main body, by adding independent research and development of Jinan Magnesium GX GX-V series magnesite modifier, mixed with fly ash And other industrial waste, adding crop stalks and other plant fiber made of high-strength lightweight wall materials. The inner wall with a reasonable layout of the insulation, sound absorption of inorganic foam profiles or other insulation materials, wall panels by the pipeline pouring, leveling, scientific conservation, production of high degree of automation, specifications and more varieties.
The product can be widely used in office, business, residential floor of the internal walls. Installation is simple, easy to grasp, the market prospect is broad, suitable for investment entrepreneurs to develop.