Rotation Of The CNC Milling Machine

1 variable speed gear
This is how this brave is more of a medium to large CNC machine tools generally runs slow, give high output torque, spindle output to meet your home heat requirements. Also uses this method of turning small CNC machine tools to obtain false when heavy cutting of common type of Cao is the total torque method.
2 belt drive
This rotation method for NC lathe and Centre can avoid turning from what small and medium caused by vibration and noise. Now this brave waits on a CNC machine tool.
3 direct-drive variable-speed motor spindle turning
This rotating spindle driven directly by the motor spindle, spindle box and spindle is thus greatly simplified European stocks cut improves spindle rigidity. But 2 spindle output has torque small motor recently to appeared has a new of within loaded motor spindle several spindle and motor full-time what for one its advantages is spindle group price within structure tight beat, and weight light, and inertia small, and can improve started stop of accent hot sex forces and control vibration and noise to Tina is motor running Cheng Ceng of people Ang moment spindle produced hot deformation so stable control box cooling is using within loaded motor spindle of key problem. Japan developed pay centers, vertical spindle motor spindle within its maximum speed.