Procurement Of Electrotechnical Equipment Requires Major Issues?

Procurement of Electrotechnical Equipment requires major issues?
     The 21st century, the manufacture of automatic Electrotechnical Equipment, a large number of enterprises in the disorder to seize the market at the same time, but also greatly enhance the domestic Electrotechnical Equipment manufacturing capacity, some earlier into the Electrotechnical Equipment market enterprises and some powerful Large Electrotechnical Equipment manufacturing enterprises, forced by the market pressure, have developed high-end products to deal with the impact of new enterprises. However, due to the limitations of foreign core technology and the weak domestic technology base, resulting in China's CNC Electrotechnical Equipment, the technical content is generally low, with Europe and the United States and other developed countries compared to the brand or there is a big difference. Of course, the Chinese brand Electrotechnical Equipment in most of the market why can get rid of foreign brands, the vast majority of the reasons or the advantages of localization (prices and services, etc.), so the industry continues to develop, placed in front of domestic Electrotechnical Equipment manufacturing enterprises Two roads, one is to improve the efficiency of fully automated Electrotechnical Equipment, closer to the gap between the world-class technology and the other is to tighten the belt, continue to compress costs, the price war in the end

          In summary, the key Electrotechnical Equipment automatic technology has become a constraint on the ability and efficiency of CNC Electrotechnical Equipment to play the bottleneck, but the development of technology is not a few months or years can be done, in order to improve the enterprise winding efficiency And the utilization of equipment, where Dongguan Huiyue technology to remind you: the procurement and use of Electrotechnical Equipment should pay attention to matters:

    1. Automatic Electrotechnical Equipment to buy a reasonable. This is the industry cliché topic, and for different enterprises winding different characteristics of the process, select the appropriate automatic Electrotechnical Equipment is to ensure the efficiency of its winding key. First of all, to the premise of economic and practical, for enterprises need to coil the process needs to solve the bottleneck of enterprise efficiency, to solve the complex winding system efficiency and high precision coil winding speed; improve staff working conditions, reduce labor intensity, Improve the efficiency of enterprises; refine the coil parameters to maintain the consistency of the coil parameters and equipment interchangeability; process focus, shorten the product operating cycle, reduce the fixture disassembly and production preparation time, to achieve flexible automation and other issues, targeted selection, Do not blindly pursue high, refined, sharp and large, but can not save money and buy people out of the equipment. At the same time, there must be reliable technical support and protection, such as enterprise management of Electrotechnical Equipment level, programming, operation, maintenance and repair and maintenance capabilities to ensure that each Electrotechnical Equipment are running in the best condition in order to play a new device function And the role.

    2. The level of enterprise equipment management is also the key to the efficiency of Electrotechnical Equipment, enterprise scientific and standardized management is to improve the efficiency of CNC Electrotechnical Equipment, one of the most important means of CNC Electrotechnical Equipment management, including Electrotechnical Equipment maintenance, maintenance and reasonable Use, co-ordinate arrangements for a variety of numerical control equipment between the information flow, material flow planning, scheduling operations, which to achieve the enterprise network, digital manufacturing is necessary.

    3. It is recommended that the enterprise design the coil parameters reasonably. Over the years, China's electronic equipment manufacturing related to the choice of coil winding process parameters based on their own final product performance as the basis, through a large number of ways to obtain the winding process and parameters. To fundamentally solve the high efficiency of Electrotechnical Equipment, high quality and solve their own process problems, the key is to change the long-term dependence on a large number of tests to obtain the traditional parameters of the process.

    4. Improve the efficiency of winding program programming. Electromechanical equipment NC program accessibility is also related to the operating efficiency of Electrotechnical Equipment. Some of the production of Electrotechnical Equipment, the program is seriously old, the code has not been long-term training is completely incomprehensible, especially the more complex coil winding system, once the need for Electrotechnical Equipment too much action, the preparation process will be a Very cumbersome and difficult things. Shanghai Long Bend wire equipment company developed the new electrical control system, the use of the entire Chinese interface, the code simple and easy to understand, a little understanding of the logical relationship between the operator, you can on the machine programming, all kinds of complex coil, Electrotechnical Equipment program No more than 32 steps, and the system program by calling, jump, the longest program can support Electrotechnical Equipment for 1024 steps of non-repetitive action.