Plastic Towline Installation And Maintenance

Plastic drag chains chains against the backing plate maximum diameter Dmax plate height of Hg and drag chain model. machine tool accessory chain according to the functional requirements of drag chain to determine the supporting plate-type drag chain bending radius. Machine annex drag chain Dang drag chain needed hosted larger tube, cable load Shi, should selection high strength support board type-whole block type; machine annex drag chain Dang tube cable of tube joint size is greater than support Board within cavity Aperture or must often disassembly, maintenance, Shi, can selection separate type type support Board; new drag chain installation tube cable of specifications varieties more Shi, can Selection Framework type support Board.
Performance of anything there is a standard engineering plastic towline is no exception, then the standard for detection of plastic drag chains what are the key. Hammer strength, impact strength and hardness; main is flame retardant and flame retardancy-glow wire. Effect engineering plastics of index main has following several, main including following Wu a aspects of detection drag chain physical performance--main through check its density to reached purpose; rheological performance-main is quality flow rate and mold contraction rate, is drag chain in temperature changes Xia of situation; hot performance-main including drag chain of hot deformation temperature and Vicat softening temperature; detection drag chain of mechanical strength detection items including-stretch strength, and fracture elongation rate, and bent strength, and no gap rushed.