Parallel Winding Machine Debugging Skills

Parallel Winding Machine debugging skills
There are many customers in the purchase of Winding Machine after its set and use are not very understanding, our engineers to provide you with the following skills for your reference.
First, the first must be on the skeleton of the type of wire characteristics, the number of laps and the appearance of material, winding speed to have a considerable understanding:
1, such as self-adhesive wire, enameled wire, etc., set the diameter to increase a lot, because the skin is not smooth, less inertia characteristics.
2, thin wire winding speed should not be too slow, but must be slow to start climbing, so as not to pull off the wire.
3, thick line is not too fast (speed), but must pay attention to whether the low-speed torque is sufficient
4, the use of aluminum, please note that the tension to be transferred to the same thickness of the copper wire much smaller, so as not to wire diameter, external insulation paint burst, affecting product quality.
5, the use of aluminum due to reduced tension, the set diameter to be appropriate to increase. Combined with their own strength need to take some less rounds.
Second, the skeleton of the type and cable level and outlet distance has a considerable relationship:
1, Winding Machine square skeleton speed not too fast, the middle will be uneven convex, affecting the cable neatly.
2, the height of the skeleton and cable should be appropriate, too low line easy to fall into the next layer, too high there will be jumper phenomenon.
3, cable and the skeleton of the outlet distance should not be too far, will affect the cable with the accuracy of the coupling.
4, the cable outlet tight, but also the relationship between the winding and the cable is beautiful or not.
Third, the Winding Machine settings Note:
1, Winding Machine the width of the calibration skeleton and the winding point for the first priority, and the most important.
2, when the winding point is correct, start winding, available at both ends of the first test set the parking width
Degree is correct.
3, Winding Machine when the start winding, if the following conditions, the reasons can be identified as follows:
If the point from the front or too behind: may be the outlet and the skeleton without vertical phenomenon.
Cable too sparse or too dense: generally caused by the incorrect diameter settings.
Rotate too fast or too slow at both ends: Width setting is incorrect: too fast = not enough width, too slow = too large.
Cable with the coupling is faster or faster and slower: and then fine-tune the size of the wire diameter, faster and faster = smaller, more slowly slow to change.
Winding Machine Note that after several layers of the cable with the coupling situation.
Skeleton due to multi-layer after the variant.
Enameled wire marked with the diameter of the actual diameter, so set the diameter must be added when the thickness of the enamel will be correct.
After the winding is completed, the return of the cable (displacement) is also affected.
Sprinkle the cable, the best way to turn around the point, the width of the best to narrow a little.
Jump grid winding, generally can be set in the way to overcome.