Machinery Manufacturing Industry

Since the reform and opening, introduction of technologies and technical equipment machinery manufacturing industry in China has a great development, but also gave rise to a number of concerns. In April 2006, the flagship of China's construction machinery industry leader in Xuzhou construction machinery group and United States investment company Carlyle's merger plan finalized. United States the Carlyle Asian investment company for $ 375 million acquisition of subsidiary companies--Xuzhou xugong group construction machinery Group Ltd--85% shares. But through June 31 heavy industry holdings during the intervention of twists and turns, but declared many economists worry about the "Caterpillar sweep China's construction machinery industry" plans to rest.
In March 2005, the world's largest manufacturers of machinery and equipment--United States Caterpillar with a low "surprise" acquired a stake in Shandong's 40%, outgoing in the construction machinery industry, the powerful Caterpillar has developed a massive acquisition programme aimed at "eating into China construction machinery". In the construction machinery industry ranked "boss" xugong group is, of course, for many years one of its stated goals.
2007 Caterpillar Caterpillar machinery established in Xuzhou Xuzhou factory, main products: compactors, milling machines, asphalt paving, pavement cold recycling equipment/stabilized soil mixing plant machines.
In the 1990 of the 20th century, the large multinational companies are entering into the domestic machinery industry market, mainly focused on culture of automobiles, electrical appliances, Office equipment, instrumentation, General machinery and construction machinery and other fields, these industries accounted for about 80% of machinery industry foreign direct investment.
Foreign investors ' business strategy is: "the basic premise is to invest in activities must maintain its right of control", transnational companies are particularly keen on mergers and acquisitions in high-growth industries in China's competitive enterprises. Today, we can see the suspension of injector pump industry, bearing industry, and so on.