Insulation Components Processing Machine Protection Device Inverter Working Principle

Insulation Components Processing Machine protection device inverter working principle
 AC inverter works: Frequency conversion technology is through the inverter to change the power frequency, thus changing the AC asynchronous motor speed of a technology. Through the inverter first AC to DC conversion, and then through the inverter DC to AC conversion, thus controlling the AC motor speed. And the Insulation Components Processing Machine automatic protection device project series of ring Insulation Components Processing Machine on the inverter control is controlled by the input inverter analog voltage, and then control the inverter output power frequency, so that the AC motor speed to follow the output power frequency Change and change.
        The three-phase asynchronous motor speed from the point frequency, the motor pole number and slip rate decision. The torque of the asynchronous motor is generated by the interaction between the magnetic flux of the motor and the current flowing through the rotor. If the voltage is constant and only the frequency is reduced at the fixed frequency, the magnetic flux is too large and the magnetic circuit is saturated. Will burn the motor. Therefore, the frequency and voltage to be proportional to change, that is, change the frequency while controlling the inverter output voltage, so that the motor flux to maintain a certain, to avoid the weak magnetic and magnetic saturation phenomenon. As the general inverter generally use V / f control, that is, variable frequency variable speed mode, change the frequency and voltage to make the best motor control method. So choose the frequency control method, frequency control is to change the motor stator power frequency, thus changing the speed of its synchronous speed control method. Its characteristics: ① high efficiency, speed control process without additional loss; ② wide range of applications, can be used for cage-type asynchronous motor; ③ speed range, the characteristics of hard, high precision.
Insulation Components Processing Machine safety protection system based on JG series of circular Insulation Components Processing Machine design, through field visits and the operator after the conversation found: workers operating this series of circular Insulation Components Processing Machine is not wrapped core into the three In the rolling wheel, the specific operation is to open the storage ring body of the dovetail lock bar, the storage ring open section of the opening, so that the additional core core center space through the winding part of the ring; and then lock the lock, Switch, so that the ring line rotation, the maximum speed of up to 700r / min, the middle of the need to hand the wire core in the wire to the other side.
        As the Insulation Components Processing Machine speed too fast, the workers need a very fast speed and the action of the bracelet to operate, then there have been two kinds of injury phenomenon: ① broken enameled wire break will be inserted into the fingers, causing finger injury; The copper wire will be pressed to the fingers, the light finger skin trauma, heavy pressure off your fingers.
 Many of the automatic Insulation Components Processing Machine customers in the purchase of equipment according to the factory set and configuration use, there are some customers need to change the parts of the Insulation Components Processing Machine parts and functions in order to meet their own production process, Insulation Components Processing Machine In the design and manufacturing are generally left a certain position to facilitate maintenance, replacement parts, etc., the use of this margin customers can do some improvements, but all the improvements must be in the maximum allowable equipment, the blindly modified equipment will be blind Damaged equipment.
     Insulation Components Processing Machine spindle is to provide rotating power to pull the enameled wire rotation of the power shaft, different specifications of the Insulation Components Processing Machine spindle configuration are not the same, the adjustment of the insulation parts of the main processing machine include the following aspects: the shaft position, concentric Degree adjustment, with other winding process, the adjustment of the position of the shaft is generally due to the Insulation Components Processing Machine in the winding process between the spindle and the distance between the table does not meet the production process requirements, each process requires a certain work space, Adjustment of the shaft position should pay attention to the size of the opening of the fuselage, whether the adjustment will affect the normal operation of other parts; concentricity adjustment is the most common, the Insulation Components Processing Machine in a period of time after the bobbin and thimble Concentricity will be biased, the need for timely maintenance adjustments.