Influence Of Supporting Environmental Factors On The Use Of Electrotechnical Equipment

Influence of supporting environmental factors on the use of Electrotechnical Equipment
Electrotechnical Equipment is the electrical manufacturing industry indispensable equipment, the use of the environment on the impact of Electrotechnical Equipment is a lot of users ignore the link, when the equipment appears poor stability, no cause failure and other issues should focus on external reasons, Electrotechnical Equipment control system Precision electrical system, has a powerful operator, the precise step controller and other components, any interference factors will cause the work of Electrotechnical Equipment is not normal.
First, the power supply
If the Electrotechnical Equipment is compared to a car, then the power is gasoline, power quality of Electrotechnical Equipment on the normal work plays an extremely important role in the factory inevitably have high-power equipment, when these devices start and stop when the factory voltage There will be ups and downs, this abnormal power changes, serious will affect the Electrotechnical Equipment controller of the normal work, if the long-term over-rated voltage or lower than the rated voltage, the electrical components of the device will be fault, Motor power, the motor abnormal temperature rise and so on the situation, the first should be investigated whether the power is normal.
Second, the factory dust and moisture
The environmental impact of the plant environment directly affects the life of the Electrotechnical Equipment, Electrotechnical Equipment, long-term work in the dusty workshop, the controller heat sink and many oil-lubricated parts will gather a lot of dust and produce sludge, these dust seriously affect the controller Normal heat dissipation and lubrication of moving parts.
Three vibration and electromagnetic interference
Electrotechnical Equipment is a precision Electrotechnical Equipment, has a complex control system, vibration and electromagnetic interference is the natural enemies of the controller, the vibration will affect the normal contact with the circuit, the line loose, poor contact failure is the culprit is the vibration, electromagnetic interference in our Life is also more common, such as mobile phones will affect the normal work of the radio, when there is a strong electromagnetic interference source when the Electrotechnical Equipment controller will be operational errors, frequent alarm and a series of problems.
Many of the automatic Electrotechnical Equipment customers in the purchase of equipment according to the factory set and configuration use, there are some customers need to change the Electrotechnical Equipment parts and functions in order to meet their own production process, Electrotechnical Equipment in the design and manufacturing are generally left There is a certain position margin to facilitate maintenance, replacement parts, etc., the use of this margin customers can do some improvement, but all the improvements must be in the maximum allowable equipment, unauthorized blind modification equipment will damage the device.
Electrotechnical Equipment spindle is to provide rotating power to pull the enameled wire rotation of the power shaft, different specifications of the Electrotechnical Equipment spindle configuration are not the same, the adjustment of Electrotechnical Equipment spindle generally include the following aspects: the shaft position, concentricity adjustment, plus other around Line process, the adjustment of the shaft position is generally due to the Electrotechnical Equipment in the winding process between the spindle and the distance between the table does not meet the production process requirements, each process requires a certain work space, the adjustment of the shaft position to pay attention to the fuselage The size of the hole position, whether the adjustment will affect the normal operation of other parts; concentricity adjustment is the most common, Electrotechnical Equipment in the run after a period of time between the bobbin and thimble will be the degree of concentricity deviation, the need for timely maintenance Adjustment.
The adjustment of the cable arrangement is generally the adjustment of the cable distance and the rotation diameter. The adjustment of the cable distance is due to the adjustment of the winding point and the winding process of the equipment. The method is generally the homing sensor of the mobile device, It should be noted that the location of the mobile device can not move beyond the original, must leave a margin, in order to ensure that the device will not occur when the mechanical collision. Electrotechnical Equipment will be different manufacturers because of the adjustment caused by the different methods, in the adjustment before the user should promptly contact with the manufacturers, ask the adjustment points.