How To Maximize The Role Of Precision Electrotechnical Equipment

How to maximize the role of precision Electrotechnical Equipment
Now the increasingly new technology, so that precision Electrotechnical Equipment and other electrical equipment, the function and winding precision have been greatly improved, the degree of automation to reduce the labor intensity of workers to improve the production efficiency, so the equipment automation manufacturing in the modern electrical The industry is particularly important, then how can we play the best role of precision Electrotechnical Equipment? Specific with the inductance Electrotechnical Equipment manufacturers to find out about it!
First of all, to talk about the operation of the precision Electrotechnical Equipment equipment, the efficiency of automatic equipment and operation of traditional machinery and equipment to be more complex, then the operator put forward a very high demand, especially when the device is abnormal How to lift the timely release is particularly important to grasp the inevitable knowledge of electrical equipment can effectively avoid the misuse of equipment and parameter settings such as the use of errors.
Second, the need for users in strict accordance with the operating specifications of the equipment and the use of scale to rational use of precision Electrotechnical Equipment, in fact, no matter what equipment requires a set of standardized operating procedures, it can maximize the safety of the operator and Electrotechnical equipment equipment life.
Finally, we have to talk about the workplace of precision Electrotechnical Equipment, in fact, the significance of the modern electrical equipment does not exist by the impact of the environment, then why should the environmental impact? This should be from the Electrotechnical Equipment electrical configuration to analyze its control The system has a large number of electronic components, light, moisture, dust and vibration have a serious impact on it.
Electromechanical Equipment, Electromechanical Equipment, Electrotechnical Equipment, Electrotechnical Equipment, Precision Electrotechnical Equipment, Electrotechnical Equipment on the market and a lot of functions are basically the same, but the price difference is great, why is this?
(1) raw material costs: it is most important that a fully automated Electrotechnical Equipment raw material is sure to be your hands over the uniaxial Electrotechnical Equipment, so the automatic Electrotechnical Equipment is unlikely to be cheap to hand Electrotechnical Equipment, Not stupid, how will you lose money to sell you. Good Electrotechnical Equipment in the selection and parts than the general Electrotechnical Equipment to advanced, many are using imported materials, the price naturally higher.
(2) If we cost almost, that the main factor in determining the price is the brand. Most people buy things the habit is to buy you trust, after the market to verify, so now more and more companies want to build their own brand, there are brands, good selling money, then rough reason is not rough, do business is not money Figure Han.
(3) the market: the market is not to say the market, the industry market, we probably heard the industry downturn and the like, this with the international, with many industries, with too many things related. In short, simply, Electrotechnical Equipment is mostly around the transformer, electronic products are popular, Electrotechnical Equipment industry naturally thriving.
(4) the market positioning of enterprises: Liezi is the same goods, different regions of the selling price is different, with the transport costs, market development, competition.
Our common Electrotechnical Equipment In order to adapt the processing technology of the coil, we need to configure the spindle speed control function. Electrotechnical Equipment is different from the processing type. We are familiar with the spindle motor type, AC motor, DC motor, servo drive motor These three categories. Here, for everyone to talk about, Electrotechnical Equipment these three kinds of speed mode features.
First, the AC motor speed mode
AC motor is our most common motor, this type of motor itself is no speed control function, it needs to be through the electromagnetic speed control device or install the inverter to achieve speed control function, in Electrotechnical Equipment, we are more common is the frequency converter Speed mode, through the Electrotechnical Equipment control system to control the inverter motor with speed control function, the way also has a certain energy saving effect.
Second, the DC motor speed mode
At present, our common DC motor has the following two kinds of DC brush and DC brushless, DC motor need to supply the power supply into DC to drive the motor to run, so the DC motor are equipped with DC speed control board or brushless drive to drive control Motor, because the smaller motor size in the small Electrotechnical Equipment in the larger application.
Third, the servo drive motor speed mode
Servo motor is only used in recent years, automatic Electrotechnical Equipment, it belongs to the precision moving parts for high-precision winding equipment, supporting the use of dedicated drive to achieve closed-loop operation control, the biggest feature of this type of motor is constant torque, Closed loop operation to meet the processing requirements of high precision coils.