High-speed Winding Machine Installed Correctly Posture

High-speed Winding Machine installed correctly posture
As a result of the improper installation of the equipment caused by its greatly shortened life, resulting in additional cost of clothing machinery factory. So how do you install the high speed winder correctly? Come here today to talk about it!
    For the use of Winding Machine business, the requirements of the site is to build suitable for winding equipment and placement of the foundation or workstations to meet the Winding Machine on the location of the environment requirements, the specific requirements are generally the following:
    1. Winding Machine table and foundation must be with the type of Winding Machine base to adapt, and to ensure that the installation of the Winding Machine is firm and reliable, to ensure a reliable grounding around the equipment to ensure that there is no large interference around the source The
    2. Winding Machine table and foundation should have sufficient strength and stiffness, to avoid Winding Machine high-speed dynamic vibration generated when the Winding Machine to ensure that the vibration does not affect their own accuracy and life, not shock and affect the coil Quality, adjacent equipment and buildings should not be wound
Machine has a bad effect.
    3. Winding Machine table and foundation should have stability and durability, waterproof anti-skid and harmful objects of the erosion, to ensure that no deformation or local subsidence. When the Winding Machine is placed in an environment where it is possible to withstand chemical liquids, fluids or corrosion, the foundation shall be covered with a protective layer. For example, the surface of the foundation coated with anti-acid, oil-resistant cement mortar, and set drainage, collecting groove.
    4. The center of gravity of the Winding Machine and the center of gravity of the workbench and foundation are located on the same vertical line as the centripetal force of the foundation.
    5. Large-scale Winding Machine foundation should be pre-installed before the machine is installed. The quality of the preload is 1.25 times the total mass of the Winding Machine and the sum of the maximum mass of the customer workpiece. Preload can be made of steel, sand and small stones. Preload should be evenly pressed on the foundation to ensure that the foundation is evenly sinking. Preloading work to be carried out to the ground no longer continue to sink so far.
        When the Winding Machine is installed in the correct way on the appropriate foundation, the Winding Machine can not be deformed, worn and vibrated at high speed, so that the body rigidity and coil quality of the Winding Machine can be maintained for a long time. Small and medium-sized Winding Machine, you need a relatively strong workstations, the need for the installation of the table should be appropriate to install the appropriate shock absorber, if the Winding Machine installation fulcrums and the number of improper distribution or fixed method is unreasonable, it will affect the machine Performance and longevity. Before dismantling the Winding Machine, it must first be clear that the dismantling of the Winding Machine should serve the principle of assembly. If the technical information (such as electrical drawings, mechanical drawings, etc.) of the dismantling winder is incomplete, and there is no actual technical support from the original manufacturer, it is necessary to dismantle the written writing and even the record of the dismantling process. So that after the completion of the installation.
As the name suggests Winding Machine is a linear object wrapped around a specific workpiece on the machine. Most electrical products need to use enameled copper wire (referred to as enameled wire) around the induction coil, you need to use the Winding Machine. For example: a variety of motors, fluorescent ballasts, all kinds of transformers, televisions. Radio in the week, the inductor coil, line output transformer (high pressure package), electronic ignition, mosquito killer high voltage coil, speakers, headphones, microphone voice coil, all kinds of welding machine can not one by one example, Of the coil need to use around the Winding Machine around. Textile industry, multi-purpose cotton yarn, man-made fiber lines, such as winding a variety of textile machines for the yarn group, flaws are needed to use a Winding Machine around. Commonly used Winding Machine winding line for the enameled copper wire (around the electronic, electrical products, inductance coil), the textile line (around the textile machine with the yarn blossom, thread), as well as around the use of electric heating equipment Electric wire and solder wire, wire, cable and so on.