Frequently Asked Questions And Solutions For Winding Machines

Frequently Asked Questions and Solutions for Winding Machines
We are in the use of Winding Machine when the general will encounter some problems, especially after a few years after the Winding Machine is more prone to various problems. We are generally divided into two categories of problems. First, the hardware problem, the second is to set the problem.
First of all, we need to look at the status of the problem. For example, we have a few common questions.
1, line is not neat line. We have to analyze the situation according to the situation in the normal processing problems, or for the product after debugging problems. The former is generally a hardware problem. The latter is usually set the problem. Hardware problems are generally loose fixture, cable mechanism tightening screws loose, poor cable mechanism caused by stepper motor load heavy step stepping motor caused by the cable is not neat.
2, the spindle parking position is not accurate. Spindle parking position is not accurate are generally due to brake failure caused. Such as brake pads loose, or brake pads caused by wear. Also related to the setting of the brake time, the brake time is too short will appear spindle parking position are not allowed. Need to replace the brake pads or. To adjust the brake time.
3, the number of coils is not allowed, cable Winding Machine If there is no counting, generally due to the sensor, or controller hardware problems, this situation Winding Machine can not work, usually notify the manufacturer to repair
Winding Machine will form an asymmetrical magnetic field, so the motor is difficult to start, the three-phase current is not balanced, and then burn the Winding Machine. Mistakenly connected to several cases: coil insert, Winding Machine reverse; △, Y connection error.
(A) the cause
Mistaken △ will be connected to Y or Y connected to △; a phase of the first end of the reverse; Winding Machine internal wiring error; terminal to determine the mistakes and so on.
(B) the detection method
Ball method. You can confirm whether the Winding Machine is connected correctly, depending on whether the small steel ball can roll along the inner surface of the stator.
2. Multimeter detection method. Use the multimeter to follow the wiring diagram for testing, as long as there is no multimeter readings, it means that the Winding Machine has a reverse connection.
(C) treatment methods
1. Can be based on no-load current is a wide range of imbalance characteristics, to determine whether the individual coil or coil group has inverted, this time must replace the coil, immersed in insulating paint, and finally drying.
2. lead to determine the wrong end, should be correct to determine the end of the first and then then.
3. According to the reverse phase current surge characteristics, find out Winding Machine mistakenly connected to a phase for processing.
4.Y connected to △, no-load current will be large, need to be processed in time to correct.
Automatic Winding Machine works is the use of AC motor with additional electromagnetic speed control device or install the inverter to achieve speed control function, the use of PLC programming control system to achieve a variety of wire fully automated production process. Multi-axis automatic Winding Machine Widely used in EE transformers, EI transformers, coils, inductors, automotive ABS, switching power supply transformers and special products.
Fully automated Winding Machine Performance advantages:
1, environmental safety and pollution-free, suitable national RHOS detection scale.
2, efficient and efficient, saving labor costs, one can guard several machines at the same time.
3, user-friendly design, PLC automatic production process, simple operation to meet the user experience.
4, the use of frequency governor, winding the same, neat and orderly coil, the outer ring high degree of beauty.
5, using the latest power technology, the product does not scratch the phenomenon of scratches.