Fault Analysis Of Common Electrical System In Electrotechnical Equipment

Fault Analysis of Common Electrical System in Electrotechnical Equipment
  Automatic Electrotechnical Equipment due to the integration of mechanical, electrical control, photoelectric, pneumatic control and other types of control system, so its control and maintenance of the relatively complex, whether that system failure will affect the normal work of Electrotechnical Equipment, Electrotechnical Equipment may There are many kinds of failures, this article from the Electrotechnical Equipment analysis of common faults and treatment methods.
    First, switches, buttons and other controls caused by the failure
    Switches, buttons are the most common electrical components of Electrotechnical Equipment, they are responsible for the operation of the operator's instructions into electrical signals to the control system, the device start and stop, reset, power on and off, the adjustment of operating parameters need They can check the switch, the button is good is not difficult, you can use a multimeter and other measuring instruments to determine, some Electrotechnical Equipment controller using the film button, for these buttons can also be measured with a multimeter, film buttons are generally equipped with plug, Need to measure the first pull out the plug, and then press the button can be measured, and this type of electrical failure is the most common, the user should have a certain electrical knowledge, encounter such problems can easily deal with, and in the use of equipment , Pay attention to press the button when not too hard, but can not use hard tools such as a screwdriver a class of tools, found that the button is loose or when the timely notice of maintenance personnel.
    Second, the electrical damage caused by the implementation of parts of the failure
    Common electrical components in Electrotechnical Equipment are controllers, frequency converters, spindle motors, stepper motors, electromagnetic brakes, solenoid valves, etc. These are also the core electrical components of Electrotechnical Equipment that play an important role while these components Performance is also determined the performance of Electrotechnical Equipment, the controller is the Electrotechnical Equipment of the brain it is responsible for controlling power, cable, etc., the current common Electrotechnical Equipment controller has two types, one is provided by the integrated supplier of general control And the other is the manufacturers of their own research and development of the controller, the controller is generally a common fault is a strong control part and buttons, these problems can not solve their own users, you need to notify manufacturers to repair; inverter failure is more common , You can check the inverter display interface to determine the fault; motor failure users should pay attention to the use of the process to pay attention to whether the motor abnormal sound, temperature is normal to determine the use of equipment to eliminate overload; brake is vulnerable Pieces, in the Electrotechnical Equipment after a period of time should be timely adjustment, if necessary, to replace
    Third, the electrical control system caused by improper operation caused by failure
    Improper system settings are soft faults, Electrotechnical Equipment has a complex control system and control procedures, set the same will cause a failure, the user before using the Electrotechnical Equipment to understand the main points in the manual, the common set of improperly winding And the cable direction is wrong, the cable width exceeds the equipment schedule, wire diameter and Electrotechnical Equipment speed does not match, step displacement unit error and so on a series, many manufacturers currently provide operation training, use the unit should send someone to study, to avoid There is no change in the winding process after the Electrotechnical Equipment such as the problem.