Electrotechnical Equipment Adjustment Precautions

Electrotechnical Equipment adjustment precautions
Electrotechnical Equipment in the design and manufacture are generally left a certain position to facilitate maintenance, replacement parts, etc., the use of this margin customers can do some improvements in order to more in line with production needs. But all improvements must be made within the maximum allowable equipment, the blind modification of the equipment will damage the device.
Electrotechnical Equipment Spindle is the power axis that provides the rotating power to pull the enameled wire. The different sizes of Electrotechnical Equipment are different in their spindle configurations. Electrotechnical Equipment Spindle adjustment generally includes the following aspects: the shaft position, concentricity adjustment, plus other winding process. The adjustment of the shaft position is generally due to Electrotechnical Equipment in the winding process between the spindle and the distance between the table does not meet the production process requirements, each process requires a certain work space, the adjustment of the shaft position should pay attention to the opening of the fuselage The size of the position, whether the adjustment will affect the normal operation of other parts. Concentricity adjustment is the most common, Electrotechnical Equipment in the run after a period of time between the bobbin and the thimble will be the degree of concentricity deviation, the need for timely maintenance adjustments.
The adjustment of the cable arrangement is generally the adjustment of the cable distance and the rotation diameter. The adjustment of the cable distance is due to the adjustment of the equipment from the winding point and the winding process. The method is usually the homing sensor of the mobile device. It should be noted that the position movement can not exceed the mechanical origin of the equipment, A certain margin, in order to ensure that the equipment will not occur in the home when the mechanical collision.
Electrotechnical Equipment will also be different manufacturers because of the adjustment caused by the different methods, in the adjustment before the user should promptly contact with the manufacturers, ask the adjustment points.
At present, the domestic truly automatic Electrotechnical Equipment very little, and the vertical and electrical Electrotechnical Equipment is fully automatic, the operation is very convenient. Electromechanical equipment produced by vertical and horizontal electromechanical equipment, Electrotechnical Equipment, Electrotechnical Equipment and so on.
Automatic Electrotechnical Equipment works is the use of AC motor with additional electromagnetic speed control device or install the inverter to achieve speed control function, the use of PLC programming control system to achieve a variety of wire fully automated production process.
Automatic Electrotechnical Equipment welding performance advantages:
1, environmental safety and pollution-free, suitable national RHOS detection scale.
2, efficient and efficient, saving labor costs, one can guard several machines at the same time.
3, user-friendly design, PLC automatic production process, simple operation to meet the user experience.
4, the use of frequency governor, winding the same, neat and orderly coil, the outer ring high degree of beauty.
5, using the latest power technology, the product does not scratch the phenomenon of scratches.
With the continuous development of the domestic coil industry, automatic Electrotechnical Equipment products in the manufacture of electrical and electronic has been widely used. Due to the different functional requirements of the various coils, the types of Electrotechnical Equipment are diversified. Common Electrotechnical Equipment can be divided into automatic Electrotechnical Equipment, semi-automatic Electrotechnical Equipment, Electrotechnical Equipment, Electrotechnical Equipment, Electrotechnical Equipment, Inductors Electrotechnical Equipment and other models. While these Electrotechnical Equipment products are becoming more diverse and more automated, they are still unable to meet the increasing industry requirements.
Automatic Electrotechnical Equipment Scope: electronic toy coil, electronic watch coil, electronic gift coil, electronic lock induction coil, mobile phone vibration motor coil, animal ear tag induction coil, headphones and speakers with a variety of voice coil, card reader coil, ID / IC automatic coin device coil, camera coil, digital camera zoom coil, laser head coil, special head coil, wireless free electromagnetic mouse and mouse pad coil, automatic coin coil, hearing aid coil, attendance machine coil, solar A rotary table coil, a solar wiper coil, a coin detector coil, and a brushless flat motor coil.