Electrical Equipment And Tools

Electrotechnical Equipment Electrical equipment, tool types, the use of electromagnetic energy to complete a certain function of electrical equipment. Mainly divided into power generation equipment, power transmission equipment, electrical equipment, power electronic equipment, electromagnetic measuring instruments and other major categories

  1, power generation equipment is used to generate electricity equipment, including power plant boilers, steam turbines, turbines, gas turbines and other power machinery and generators. According to the use of primary energy, can be divided into thermal power equipment, hydroelectric power equipment, nuclear power generation equipment, wind power equipment, geothermal power generation equipment, solar power equipment and marine power generation equipment.

  2, power transmission equipment is used to transport, distribution of electrical devices, including transformers, high and low voltage switchgear,

  Arrester, insulator, capacitor, reactor, transformer, wire and cable, converter valve, power system automatic device and relay protection device.

  3, electrical equipment is the energy conversion into other forms of energy devices, including motors, low voltage electrical appliances, electric equipment, welding equipment, power tools, household appliances, medical appliances, electric traction equipment, electrical machine tools. Electrical equipment in accordance with the special use of the environment can be divided into mine electrical equipment, chemical electrical equipment, marine electrical equipment and aerospace electrical equipment.

  4, power electronic equipment is the development of semiconductor technology and the rise of the Electrotechnical Equipment conversion of current, voltage, waveform, frequency and phase number and the stability of voltage, current and frequency of new electrical equipment, including power electronic devices and the composition of the power converter And stable power supply. Power electronic devices include a variety of diodes and thyristors; power converters include a variety of variable, variable frequency and phase converter. Stable power supply includes regulated, steady flow and steady frequency power supply.

  5, Electrotechnical Equipment electromagnetic measuring instrument is used to measure the amount of electricity (see electrical measurement equipment) and non-electrical devices.