Disconnection Fault Solution Of Electrotechnical Equipment

Disconnection fault solution of Electrotechnical Equipment
When the Electrotechnical Equipment in the event of a broken line called Electrotechnical Equipment circuit, which is the lack of internal motor situation. There is a series of electrical failure, there will be difficult to start the motor, three-phase current imbalance, there are abnormal vibration, while the temperature rise beyond the controllable range, Electrotechnical Equipment, smoke, charred and so on.
Disconnection fault solution of Electrotechnical Equipment
(A) the cause
Electrotechnical Equipment, circuit breaker caused by the main reasons include the maintenance of the line was broken; manufacturing process problems; Electrotechnical Equipment components of the line welding bad, overheating desoldering; Electrotechnical Equipment by external damage; Electrotechnical Equipment short circuit and grounding, resulting in burning and so on.
(B) the detection method
Observation method. Breakpoint The most common position is generally in the Electrotechnical Equipment terminal parts, can be visually looking for Electrotechnical Equipment, whether the two ends of the desoldering.
2. Multimeter or shake table detection method. Respectively, each phase Electrotechnical Equipment, the first end of the end of the infinite phase for the road phase.
3. Power detection method. In the normal operation of the motor, respectively, using a clamp ammeter to measure three-phase current, if the three-phase current imbalance, and can eliminate short-circuit fault, the minimum current Electrotechnical Equipment has an open circuit failure.
(C) to deal with repair methods
1. Open the circuit at the end, the connection after the re-welding, the package with the appropriate insulation and dip the insulating paint drying, put on the insulation sleeve can be used.
2. Internal Electrotechnical Equipment circuit, this situation generally can not be repaired, must replace the Electrotechnical Equipment coil.
General Electrotechnical Equipment manufacturers in the production will be installed when a warning device for the strong and weak terms. Some problems occur in the display will give us some warning, or automatically cut off the power. So it is safe for us to use in the maintenance of our inspection is also very convenient.
The following simple to say that the use of automatic Electrotechnical Equipment maintenance several methods. In general, the Electrotechnical Equipment due to instantaneous failure caused by the whole machine error, available hardware reset or switch system power in turn to clear the fault, if the system work memory due to voltage instability, plug the circuit board or rectifier switching power supply under pressure caused by confusion, You must initialize the system to clear, before cleaning should pay attention to the current data backup records, if the reset after initialization can not be resolved, the hardware replacement diagnosis. According to the actual work of Electrotechnical Equipment and the previous fault records, can be found due to Electrotechnical Equipment design or production process defects caused by accidental failure, through continuous improvement and improvement of system software or hardware to solve. These modifications are made available to maintenance personnel in the form of maintenance information.
Through these customer feedback, the Company can use this as the basis for troubleshooting, correct and thorough eradication of failure, the user is reasonable feedback is my company constantly improve the powerful help. In short, the Electrotechnical Equipment maintenance of the first step is to be based on the phenomenon of failure, as soon as possible to identify the real causes of failure and fault location, these fault handling methods, the actual use of no strict boundaries, and sometimes only one way to rule out the failure , May also need a variety of methods at the same time. Its effect depends mainly on the experience of maintenance technicians and their understanding of the principles and structure of the system and the depth of the master.