Diagnosis Of CNC Machine Tool Numerical Control System

1. power on self diagnosis
NC system in power boot Hou, are to run boot since diagnosis program, on connection of various control device for detection, found problem immediately reported glances at, for example detection alternate battery voltage whether reached requirements, if voltage below requirements, system on will produced alarm, Siemens system battery alarm is I, alarm, tips maintenance personnel immediately replaced battery, if cannot replaced battery, in replaced battery Qian cannot blackout.
2. run the self diagnostic
NC machine tool at run time, numerical control systems monitor the operation of the machine at all times. NC servo system and PLC systems are running the monitoring, timely alarm if problems are found, and a lot of faults in the alarm message is displayed on the screen. While the machine is running, user program prepared by the PLC devices by machine tool manufacturers, real-time monitoring of CNC machine tool operation, fault or issue instruction not executed if found, pass timely signal to the NC, NC alarm information will display on the screen.