Development Trends Of Compound Machine Tools

In recent years, with the globalization of the economy, increasing product market competition, and single product processing times have come to an end, prompting companies to ever-shortening product innovation and development cycle, improving product performance, accelerate product upgrades and increased product variety. Meanwhile, actively promote the optimization of production processes in production, in order to ensure product quality, reduce production costs and shorten the production cycle, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. Therefore, processing and increasing market demand for compound machine tool, users are no longer satisfied with the simple turning processes single machine or milling processes, but requires the manufacturer to provide turning, drilling, milling, boring and grinding processes of multifunctional composite machining.

Composite machining in other advanced countries have become leading products of processing industry, in China's machine tool industry and processing industry application market is still at an early stage start-up. CNC lathe, for example, in many of the international machine tool exhibition, has seen little of foreign machine tool factory single 2-axis CNC lathe for turning General exhibits, most of them is a different function of composite machining.

Especially at the 2006 Tokyo International machine tool exhibition, exhibition complex machining of most enterprises are equipped with automatic loading and unloading robot. At the international machine tool exhibition held in China, the exhibits most of the domestic machine tool factory is able to achieve a single 2-axis CNC machine tool for turning. Multifunctional complex must have multiple-axis CNC machine tool control and multiple channels (multistage) control function, can be achieved at the same time or time to complete a variety of machining (including turning, milling, grinding, drilling, boring, etc). At present, as a high-end system, multiple-channel for composite machining CNC system is totally dependent on imported, expensive, severely limited and influenced the development of combined machine tool in machine tool manufacturing industry in China.