Design Analysis Of Intelligent Protective Device For Electrotechnical Equipment

Design Analysis of Intelligent Protective Device for Electrotechnical Equipment
      Electrotechnical Equipment intelligent protection device design requirements of the system: ① improve the quality of the winding to reduce safety accidents; ② the entire control system is simple, low cost, small size; ③ according to ergonomic requirements to install the system.
      Through the investigation and analysis, the project identified by modifying the foot governor, in order to reduce the speed of Electrotechnical Equipment, improve the safety of Electrotechnical Equipment. The operating principle of the pedal governor As with the sliding rheostat principle, the governor can change the size of the resistance of the external control loop of the Electrotechnical Equipment inverter, and then change the voltage of the voltage across the control circuit of the Electrotechnical Equipment to change the voltage Line inverter output circuit frequency size, to change the Electrotechnical Equipment click speed. Therefore, to determine the pedal speed control circuit, the installation of Electrotechnical Equipment protection system, according to different degrees of risk fleeing different resistance to change the Electrotechnical Equipment to the motor speed, that is, the loop line speed.
      The demand is Electrotechnical Equipment safety protection device is when the operator's hand into the dangerous area, the reflector issued by the infrared light reflected in the receiver, the infrared sensor will be low signal feedback to the logic chip, then the logic control chip according to the input Signal position, through the microcontroller or logic to judge, the control signal output to the relay deceleration module, so that different resistance of the resistor string into the foot speed control circuit, and then change the voltage ratio of the pedal device, thereby reducing the Electrotechnical Equipment frequency The frequency of the winding motor to achieve the effect of reducing the speed of the operator to ensure the safety of the operator, the operator of the textile operation due to improper operation, causing harm, effectively improve the safety of Electrotechnical Equipment.
   Electrotechnical Equipment safety protection system based on JG series of ring Electrotechnical Equipment design, through field visits and the operator talk and found: workers operating this series of ring Electrotechnical Equipment is not wrapped core into the three rolling wheel, the specific operation Is to open the storage ring body of the dovetail lock bar, the storage ring open section of the opening section, so that the additional core core center space through the winding part of the ring; and then lock the lock bar, depress the foot switch, so that the storage ring Turn, the maximum speed of up to 700r / min, the middle of the need to hand the wire core in the wire to the other side.
        As the Electrotechnical Equipment speed too fast, the workers need a very fast pace and the action of the bracelet to operate, then there have been two kinds of injury phenomenon: ① has broken the end of the enameled wire will be inserted into the fingers, causing finger injury; ② high-speed operation of copper Silk will be pressed to the fingers, the light finger skin injury, heavy pressure off your fingers.
  We usually use the Electrotechnical Equipment commonly used in CNC system control equipment running status, lap preset, step control, speed adjustment, accurate parking is the basic common function, in which the precise parking function is very important in the winding process One of the functions, it can make the spindle to achieve precise positioning in the process of winding the taps, shop insulation paper and other ancillary processes are required to cooperate with this function, then the modern Electrotechnical Equipment is how to achieve accurate parking?
       There are two common ways to realize the precise stopping method of the Electrotechnical Equipment spindle:
       1, the spindle system to install the brake, the common types of brakes are electromagnetic, pneumatic, friction and other categories, including electromagnetic brake is the most widely used, it has a large braking torque, fast response time, easy installation And other characteristics, by the controller system control signal occurs, the brake signal to lock the spindle, to achieve accurate parking.
       2, Electrotechnical Equipment the use of spindle inertia pre-control and inverter DC braking to achieve accurate spindle spindle, the realization of the principle of the need to control the system spindle inertia pre-control, the spindle power cut off in advance, the use of inertia coupled with the inverter DC brake Spindle to achieve accurate parking.