Design Analysis Of Intelligent Protection Device For Winding Machine

Design Analysis of Intelligent Protection Device for Winding Machine
      Winder smart protection device on the system design requirements: ① to improve winding quality, reduce accidents; ② the entire control system is simple, low cost, small size; ③ mounting system according to the ergonomic requirements.
      Through the investigation and analysis, the project identified by modifying the foot governor, in order to reduce the Winding Machine speed, improve the safety of Winding Machine. The operating principle of the pedal governor is the same as that of the sliding rheostat. The governor is used to change the resistance value of the external control loop of the Winding Machine, and then change the voltage of the voltage across the control circuit of the Winding Machine. Change the winding inverter output circuit frequency size, to change the Winding Machine click speed. Thus, in determining the foot speed control loop, the installation of the Winding Machine protection system, in accordance with different resistance resistor fleeing different degree of danger, in order to vary the speed of the Winding Machine motor, i.e. the rotational speed of the storage loops.
      When the operator's hand enters the hazardous area, the infrared light emitted by the reflector is reflected in the receiver, and the infrared sensor feeds the low signal to the logic chip, and then the logic control chip is based on the Input signal position, through the microcontroller or logic to determine the control signal output to the relay deceleration module, so that different resistance of the resistor string connected to the pedal speed loop, and then change the voltage ratio of the pedal device, thereby reducing the winding frequency inverter machine, to reduce the effect of the winding motor speed, to ensure the safety of the operator, textile workers to operate due to improper operation, damage, effectively improve the security of Winder.
  Our common Winding Machine in order to adapt to the coil processing technology are required to configure the spindle speed control function, winding equipment should be different types of processing configuration is also different, we are more familiar with the spindle motor type AC motor, DC motor, servo these three types of motor drive, the motor speed control mode used these have their own characteristics that, following combination talk winding device in device speed mode.
      First, the AC motor speed mode
      AC motor is the most common motor, such motor itself is no speed control function, it needs to achieve speed control function by electromagnetic speed control device or installation of the drive, the winding device is more common in our drive Speed control mode, through the winding control system to control the inverter motor with speed control function, the way also has a certain energy-saving effect.
      Second, the DC motor speed mode
      At present, our common DC motor has the following two kinds of DC brush and DC brushless, DC motor need to supply the power supply into DC to drive the motor to run, so the DC motor are equipped with DC speed control board or brushless drive to drive control Motor, due to the small size of the motor in the small winding equipment in the larger application.
      Third, the servo drive motor speed mode
      Servo motor is only used in recent years, automatic Winding Machine, it belongs to the precision moving parts for high-precision winding equipment, supporting the use of dedicated drive to achieve closed-loop operation control, the biggest feature of this type of motor is constant torque , Closed-loop operation, used to meet the processing requirements of high-precision coil.