Data Of Machine Components

(1)CNC machine tool plant input and output device. Machine tool numerical control system and operators to exchange information, realized interactive equipment.
Input devices are used to program carriers on the NC code into the appropriate electrical pulses, into both the number of control unit. At present, the CNC machine input devices keyboards, disk drives, optical readers, its corresponding program carrier for disks, punch tape. Output device is the display, a CRT display or color LCD monitor in two ways. Output devices are: CNC system monitor provide operators with the necessary information. Displayed information is being edited program, coordinates and alarm signals.
(2)NC (CNC). Is the core of computer numerical control system, is made up of two parts: hardware and software. It receives pulse signal is an input device, and signal system for NC device software or compilation, operation of logic circuits and logic processing, output signal and command, control parts of the machine, so that its provisions, orderly movements. These control signal in the most basic of signal is the axis (that for into to movement of the implementation parts) of into to speed, and into to direction and displacement volume instruction (sent to servo drive system drive implementation parts for into to movement), also has spindle of speed, and reversing and Kai stopped signal, select and Exchange tool of tool instruction signal, control cooling liquid, and lubricants Kai stopped, control artifacts and machine parts release, and clip tight, control points degrees table turned bit of auxiliary instruction signal,.
CNC devices include microprocessor (CPU), memory, local bus, peripheral logic circuits and other components associated with the CNC system interfaces.