Common Problems With Machine Toolss And Solutions

Common problems with Machine Toolss and solutions

When we use Machine Toolss, we usually have some problems, especially after several years of Machine Toolss. The problems we encounter are generally divided into two categories. One is the hardware problem, the other is the setup problem.

First we have to look at the situation and analyze the problem. For example, we use Machine Toolss to illustrate several common problems.

1. The line is not tidy. We need to analyze whether the problem occurred during normal processing or after the product debugging. The former is generally a hardware problem. The latter is usually a setup problem. The hardware problem is usually the clamping of the fixture, the loose line mechanism fastening the screw loose, the line of the line mechanism is not good, the step motor load is too heavy stepping motor to step into the motor, which causes the line irregularity.

2. The parking position of spindle is not accurate. The parking position of the main axle is not accurate because of the brake fault. Brake pads, for example, or brake pads. It is also related to the setting of brake time, the brake time too short and the main axle parking position is not allowed. You need to replace brake pads or. Adjust the braking time.

3, coil number not to appear, Machine Toolss, such as counting, generally due to the sensors, or controller hardware problem, appear this kind of circumstance the Machine Tools will not work, general is to notify the manufacturer for repair.

Correct installation of Machine Toolss is the precondition of improving the efficiency of the coil winding, for the first use of Machine Toolss, Machine Toolss installation and is not a simple job, and mechanical and electrical in this to introduce the installation process of Machine Toolss.

With table 1. The Machine Tools and the foundation must be adapted to this type of Machine Tools base, and can guarantee the installed on the Machine Toolss are secure, guarantee zhou wai have reliable grounding equipment, ensure no big interference sources.

Table 2. The Machine Tools and the foundation should have sufficient strength and rigidity, avoid severe vibration of the Machine Toolss high-speed move when ensure the vibration of the Machine Tools not to affect accuracy and life itself, is not shakes and affect the quality of the coil.

3. The workbench and foundation of Machine Toolss shall have the stability and durability, waterproof and anti-skid and the erosion of harmful objects, ensuring that no deformation or partial subsidence is produced. When Machine Toolss are placed in an environment where chemical liquids, oil or corrosion are possible, the foundation shall be protected. For example, the surface of the foundation is coated with anti-acid, oil-proof water slurry sand, and a drainage, collecting groove.

4. The center of gravity of Machine Toolss and the center of gravity of the worktable and foundation are located in the same vertical line as the centripetal force of the foundation.

The foundation of a large all-Machine Tools should prepress before the machine is installed. The quality of the pre-pressure is 1. 25 times the total mass of the Machine Tools and the maximum quality of the customer's workpiece. The prepress can be used for steel, sand and gravel. The prepress should be evenly pressed on the foundation to ensure that the foundation is evenly sunk. The pre-pressure work should be done until the foundation is no longer sinking.