Common Electrical System Failure Analysis Of Electrotechnical Equipment

Common electrical system failure analysis of Electrotechnical Equipment

Automatic Electrotechnical Equipment due to the integration with mechanical, electrical control, photoelectric, pneumatic control, and other types of control system, so its control and maintenance is relatively complex, whether the system failure will affect the normal work of the Electrotechnical Equipment, Electrotechnical Equipment, there are many kinds of possible fault, in this paper, from the electrical system analysis of common faults and processing methods.

The failure caused by control parts such as switch and button

Switch is an electrical device, buttons, one of the most common electrical components, they are responsible for the operation personnel of all instructions into electrical signals to the control system, equipment start-stop, reset, the power on and off, the adjustment of the operation parameters are need them, is not hard to check good switch, button, you can use the multimeter measuring instrument, such as some of the Electrotechnical Equipment controller using film button, for these buttons can also use a multimeter to measure, thin-film button is generally equipped with plug, need to measure to pull the plug out first, and then long press the button can be measured, such as electrical fault is the most common, the user should have electrical knowledge, meet with this kind of problem can easily cope with, in equipment use, don't too hard, pay attention to press the button can't use hard objects such as a screwdriver tools, found loose button or strange timely notify the maintenance personnel.

2. Faults caused by the failure of electrical execution parts

Perform component in Electrotechnical Equipment common electric controller, inverter, spindle motor, stepping motor, electromagnetic brake, electromagnetic valve, etc., these are also at the heart of the Electrotechnical Equipment of electrical components, they play an important role in the performance of these parts at the same time also determines the performance of the Electrotechnical Equipment, the controller is of the brain which is responsible for Electrotechnical Equipment control power, wiring, etc., the current common electrician equipment there are two types of controller, one is general controller by integrating suppliers, another kind is their own research and development of the controller, the controller generally common failures are high voltage control part and buttons, these problems the average user can't own to solve, need to inform the manufacturer to repair; The fault of inverter is also more common, which can be used to judge the fault by viewing the frequency converter display interface. The motor fault user should pay attention to whether the motor has a different sound and temperature rise in the process of use, so as to avoid overworking in the use of equipment. The brake device belongs to the vulnerable parts and should be adjusted in time after the use of the Electrotechnical Equipment for a period of time.

3. Malfunction caused by improper setting of electrical control system

Belongs to soft fault system set improperly, Electrotechnical Equipment has a complex control system and control program, improper setting can also cause failure, the user must first understand the main points of the instructions before using Electrotechnical Equipment, common improper setting of winding and row line direction error, row line width more than equipment scheduling, wire diameter and speed of Electrotechnical Equipment is not matching, stepping error and so on a series of displacement of the unit, there are many manufacturers currently provide operation training, use the unit should be chosen to study, to avoid change after winding process won't set Electrotechnical Equipment of this kind of problem.