Advantages Of The All-variable Frequency Speed Control Automatic Winding Machine

Advantages of the all-variable frequency speed control automatic Winding Machine

The all-variable frequency speed control automatic Winding Machine is a kind of non-standard automation equipment. It is a non-standard machine which is used to coil the wire of metal wire, such as stainless steel, copper, aluminum and iron wire, to a particular piece of work.

Performance advantages of the all-variable frequency control automatic Winding Machine:

1. Environmentally safe and pollution-free, in line with the national RHOS test standard. ROHS testing is a test that includes lead, mercury, cadmium, chromium, polybrominated biphenyls, and polybrominated biphenylether, usually in the form of a ROHS test report by a third party, such as SGS, PTS, etc.

2. Efficient and fast, one person can watch over several machines at the same time.

3. Humanized design. PLC automatic production process, simple operation, satisfying user experience.

4. Adopt the variable frequency governor, the winding line is stable, the coil is orderly and orderly, the outer ring is beautiful.

5. Adopt ac motor to attach electromagnetic speed regulating device or add inverter to realize the speed regulating function. Electromagnetic speed asynchronous motor (slip) motor electromagnetic speed asynchronous motor is also called the slip motor and has a wide scope of speed control and speed regulation sliding, large starting torque, small control power, velocity feedback, automatic control system when the machine features high hardness etc

Adopt PLC programming control program to realize the automatic production process of metal wire.

7. Using the latest power technology, the product has no scratch and scratch phenomenon.

8. The products are widely used in all kinds of linear objects such as enameled wire (copper, aluminum, stainless steel, iron), transformer coil, fan cover net, earphone coil. Mobile phone vibrating motor coil, motor coil, electronic coil and so on.

The above is the advantage of the all-variable frequency speed control automatic Winding Machine, hoping to help you. Vertical and horizontal electromechanical committed to the r&d and production of various kinds of Winding Machine, besides is committed to the pursuit of the machine precision and enhance efficiency, pay more attention to the machine of the operation and the use of the affinity and make the client's job to run more smoothly.

Automatic Winding Machine in the operation process is generally need to use the form a complete set of mould to make corresponding motor stator coil, around different types of motor used in mould is not the same, our common motor winding tools wear heart block, bracket, universal regulation mode, such as type.

Wear heart block is widely used in batch automatic Winding Machine manufacturing process, this kind of mold with baffle and core, material commonly used electrical board made, when set in motor winding coil Winding Machine winding spool fixation after use, has the characteristics of durable, precise size, loading and unloading is convenient.

Support mode is a combination of small and medium-sized mold, mainly used in automatic Winding Machine repair industry, this kind of mold two metal stents, mould etc, the material is usually a high strength plastic, the need when using the metal bracket connected to the motor Winding Machine, has many characteristics, such as the use of flexible, lightweight.

At last, the CNC Winding Machine factory reminds us that the mold should be tested, no matter what winding mold is used. The measurement of winding mould should be paid attention to the width and height of the mould, and whether the wire rod is matched, and the overtightening will affect the loading and unloading of the die, and the result of the die shake will affect the line effect.

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