VCP Plating Line PCB Plating Line

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VCP Plating Line PCB Plating Line

As the result of miniaturization and high performance of electronic devices, multilayered and high-density placement of electronic components on printed board became a key factor.

As the top runner in the through-hole plating field, WKH enables to highly precise molding production through our original process control system.Under the system, WKH organizes all the process through from drilling, desmearing, plating and immersing hole to bonding plating and terminal plating. WKH is providing highly reliable, stabilized and uniformed products by our excellent know-how and engineering control.

Equipped with a professional factory, Beijing WKH is one of the most credible manufacturers and suppliers of vcp plating line pcb plating line in China. Known for its high quality, high accuracy and reliable systems, this products must be your best choice. Don't hesitate any more.