Press Brake

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Press Brake
The whole structure of the hydraulic press brake:
- Welded structure: the stress of the welded parts can be eliminated by vibration; so this forging press gives high accuracy.
- Frame: consist of right and left wall boards, working table, oil box, slot steel and etc., with high strength

Hydraulic system: 
- Adopt integrated hydraulic control system, more reliable
- Consist of motor, oil pump and valve groups
- Be installed at the top of the oil box, which can assure that the cylinder is always full of oil when the slide is moving down at high speed
- Complete working cycle can be realized through the control of hydraulic valve.
- The working pressure at the right side of the wall board can be adjusted by the remote adjustment valve

The main sealing components of the cylinder:
- Imported Japan brand products

Synchro control system: 
- Slide syncho system: adopt steel torsion bar synchro system, simple in structure and high in accuracy
- 2 ends of slide have 2 synchro forks
- Adopt upper die compensation to improve the brake precision

CNC system (Computer Numerical Control): 
- The DA-41 control offers a complete solution for conventional press brake applications, including the axes control for 2 axes, the press beam and backgauge and flexible I/O configuration
- Besides those systems from DELEM, CYBELEC products are also available for your choice

Advance technology and procedures: 
- This metal machining tool is a kind of steel torsion bar synchro press brake. -Electronic control of back gauges and ram stroke, data displayed and manual setting
- Process of cylinder and sealing component:
Cylinder: no.45# steel treated, inner holes fine machined and extruded.
Valve rods: no.45# steel treated, nickel and phosphorous coated outside.