Hot-dip Galvanized Surface Treatment Equipment Continuous Metal Parts

Product Details

Hot-dip Galvanized Surface Treatment Equipment Continuous Metal Parts
The Basis Designing Parameter
1.raw material:

(1)cold rolled carbon structural steel
(2)qualified carbon structural steel
(3)low alloy steel roll  
2.steel type: 08ALSPCCSPCD SPCE  
3.finished product:
(1)weight:Max 20,000Kg/Coil
(2)outer diameter: Φ800- Φ1500mm inner diameter: Φ508mm
(3)oil content: Max800mg/ m2both sides
(5)width:max 400mm
(6)energy: water/electricity/steam/ natural gas/ coal gas, etc
(7) process method: American-steelunion (with pretreatment of reducing annealing continuous hot-dipped galvanizing znic)  
(8) Product type:from coil to coil
(9) whole productin line type:from left to right, viewed from operation board
(10) coil type:offer irregular & edging and edging coiling
(11) Deviation irregular coiling:single side≤±1.0mm

Main technical index
1.Maxprocessing velocity: 100m/min Min processing velocity:30 m/min  
2.Entry looper(#1) and Exit looper(#2) velocity:20-120m/min  
3.Wear strip speed: 15 m/min
4.Driving control:driven by direct current (DC)  
5.Layer thickness range ( both sides):80300g/m2  
6.Zinc layer control method : air-knife  
7.Layer condition :normal spangle/small spangle/skin pass spangle
8.Designing craft: both meet hot-dipping zinc and galvalum    
9.Layer protection of the zinc layer:spray passivation/electrostatic oiling/ skin pass
10.Quality Standard of the product quality:GB2518-88
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