Small CNC lathe price factors which

1, CNC machine tool for sensor requirements: high reliability and strong anti-interference; meet the requirements of accuracy and speed; easy to use and maintain, and suitable work environment; and low cost. Requirements for sensors of different types CNC machine tools are not the same, in General, require high speed response of large machine tools, mainly medium and high precision CNC machine tool accuracy.
2, the application of inductosyn: inductosyn uses two Planar windings inductance changes with the position of principle. Its function is to angle or linear displacement into the phase or amplitude of induced electromotive force, can be used for measuring linear or angular displacement. Its structure can be divided into both linear and Rotary.
By length of linear inductive synchronous and sliding-scale two-part, fixed length mounted on the machine body, sliding-scale installed on the moving parts, moves with the table; stator for Rotary inductosyn fixed disc rotor for rotating the disc. Inductosyn has higher accuracy and resolution, anti-jamming ability strong, long service life, easy maintenance and long distance measurement, good technology, lower costs and so on.