Routine maintenance of CNC machine tools and maintenance

(1) to enact and strictly enforce the routine maintenance of CNC system rules and regulations. According to different characteristics of NC machine tools, make the routine maintenance of CNC system rules and regulations, and use must be strictly enforced.
(2) should be minimal CNC cabinet doors that open and strong electric cabinet. Machine shop often contains oil mist and dust in the air, once they fall into the CNC system of printed circuit board or on electrical components, easily lead to insulation resistance, or even cause damage to the Board or electrical components. Therefore, work should be minimal in open CNC cabinet door and strong electric cabinet.
(3) scheduled cleaning cooling ventilation system for numerical control equipment, numerical control devices to prevent overheating. Cooling and ventilation system are important device to prevent overheating in NC, and NC Cabinet should be inspected daily cooled housing is functioning properly, every six months or once a quarter beginning filter clogging, if there should be clear in time.
(4) DC motor brush inspection and replacement on a regular basis. In the production of CNC machine tools in the 1980 of the 20th century, most by DC servo motor, this brush wear, and require periodic inspection and replacement of DC servo motor DC motor brush.
(5) regularly monitors grid voltage for CNC equipment. CNC system has strict requirements for voltage. For example, CNC system FANUC company, allows voltage to rated values of 85%~110% range, otherwise it will cause the CNC system is not working properly, can cause internal damage to the electronic components of the CNC system. Always test voltage and -15%+10% to the fixed value.