Preventive maintenance of CNC machine tools

Any CNC machine tool to be continuous to work reliably for a long time, outside factors in addition to the mass of the machine itself, and used in the correct maintenance, is closely related to the timely troubleshooting and maintenance. CNC machine tool from effective, maintenance should contain two meanings: one is routine maintenance (preventive maintenance), which is to extend the machine's mean time between failures MTBF and on maintenance, the purpose of which is to reduce mean time to repair MTTR. Do the two jobs, is the basic guarantee of the effectiveness of equipment into full play.
For the benefit of Jiangxi CNC machine tools into full play, it is important to do preventive maintenance, so less failure of CNC system and improve mean time between failure. Should also be ready to repair work at any time, and when the system fails to timely repair, repair time to minimize downtime. This requirement must be familiar with the structure and performance of the equipment, be familiar with CNC system structure and basic operations, understand the system used on the printed circuit board testing available for repair, its normal level and waveform control for maintenance of failure analysis. In addition, shall keep, numerical control systems and programmable logic controllers (PLC) technical information and original setting parameters, typical parts of programs you use. According to the actual usage, some wearing parts can be properly equipped, such as insurance, brush transistor modules and prone to malfunction and printed circuit boards. For alternate circuit board, mounted on CNC systems operate on a regular basis, so as to avoid failure due to long time.