New trends of research and development of NC machine tool production

1. composite processing technology application more widely new composite processing machine as milling and milling car composite machine, and car mill composite machine, and gear added composite machine, and milling composite and 5 axis linkage combined machine, products constantly emerged; heavy machine increased multifunctional annex and turned Taiwan,, composite of processing trend obviously; metal cutting and special processing composite has has new progress, laser, and electric processing and cutting processing composite technology has has has mature of products application. Application of combined machining technology and variety and small batch production process have a significant impact.

2. speed direct drive technology due to advances in power electronics and numerical control technology, as well as linear motors and torque motors, spindle, raster test parts, such as mature, direct-drive technology in numerical control machine tool applications faster, more than foreign machine tool enterprises new products using linear motor drive. Direct-drive technology will greatly push forward the application of numerical control machine tool structural change and performance improvement.

3. the emerging micro-manufacturing of micro manufacturing technology (Inter-Micro) is a high performance, green, high-precision micro-manufacturing technology for processing the 3D shape of a variety of micro-components. At present, funded by the European Union, Germany, and Italy and other countries concerned, Research Institute of the University research groups and companies have made achievements, such as: Ultra precision 5-axis micro-diamond and cubic Boron Nitride tool machining equipment. Micro-fabrication technology has great potential, which should be the concern of the industry.