How to determine detection errors of accuracy

1, linear positioning accuracy measurement
Linear positioning accuracy are generally in the machine tool and work under no-load conditions. According to the provisions of the national standard and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO standard), measurement of CNC machine tools, laser measurement shall prevail. In the absence of Laser Interferometer in case, for general users can also use the standard scale, together with the optical reading microscope to compare measurements. However, accuracy of measuring instruments must be measured by a scale of high precision 1~2.
In order to reflect all errors in the position many times, ISO standards for each anchor point measurement data five times average and poor difference-3 belt positioning points difference.
2, repeat positioning accuracy of linear motion detection
Detection apparatus and detection accuracy by using the same. General testing methods are in close proximity to each coordinate midstroke and three of the ends of the measuring location, each location with a fast positioning, positioning repeated 7 times under the same conditions, measured where numerical readings and calculates the maximum difference. With the biggest margin in three locations of one-second, together with the sign, as repeated positioning accuracy of the coordinates, it is the most basic indicators reflect the axis motion precision and stability.