Current situation of foreign trade of China construction machinery industry

Exports of construction machinery market in China is mainly in Asia, the market share has reached 42.72%, but this data is near its lowest level in 5 years, was nearly 3% less than per cent in 2011. European markets were exports of construction machinery market in China, a stable market share 16%. Slightly more than Latin America ranked third in market share in Africa, Africa's volatile market, 2%~3% market volatility often occurs due to weak market infrastructure in Africa, the market potential is small. Latin America is slightly lower than the African in the fourth, but Latin American markets showed an upward trend of slowly and steadily.
Institute of China machinery industry analysts point out that United States led the North American market is relatively stable markets, 2012 United States market grew by 23.55%, seems to see some economic recovery hopes. Markets in the Middle East should never be ignored, in 2012, China's construction machinery 1.563 billion US dollars in the Middle East, rose 28.96%, Saudi Arabia, U.A.E., Iran the three traditional markets accounted for nearly 70% share. Oceania markets the Australia market in 2012, Australia exports rose 29.53%, indicating that the market environment, economic development and stability, steady growth in exports of construction machinery.