CNC machine tool environment

In General, the NC machine tool environment has no special requirements, can with ordinary machine tools in workshop, but, to avoid direct sunlight and heat radiation, the places to avoid too humid or too much dust, in particular, to avoid any corrosive gases in place. Corrosive gases most likely to make electronic components by corrosion deterioration or cause poor contact, or cause a short circuit between components. affect the normal operation of the machine. To stay away from the vibration of the equipment, such as punching, forging equipment, etc. For high precision NC machine tools, vibration-proof measures should also be taken (such as trenches, etc).
2. power supply requirements
NC machine on power also no what special requirements, General are allows fluctuations scholar 10%, but due to China power of specific situation, not only power fluctuations range big (sometimes far over 10%), and quality poor, Exchange power Shang often overlay some high frequency miscellaneous wave signal, with oscilloscope can clear to observation to, sometimes also appeared range is big of moments interference signal, damage NC system of program or parameter, effect machine of normal run. CNC machine line power supply (separate from low voltage power distribution room for CNC machine tools to use) or an additional regulator installed spell, you can reduce the effects of power supply quality and decreasing electric thousand rejection.