Casting machine tool industry development in our country

Due to the rapid development of foundry industry in China in recent years, which led to a certain extent cast the development of machine tool industry, and achieved remarkable results, continued stable development. Relevant information to, the Shenyang machine tool group Foundry machine has been ranked first in the world.
Currently, China casting machine Enterprise lack independent innovation and theory research of consciousness and capacity, this on restricted has China casting machine technology of development, to change this status, will in-depth research user industry products process of features and requirements, combined process features development out high processing equipment, while also to focused on theory work of research, such to let China casting machine industry in soon of future has better of development.
However, experts pointed out that casting machine industry in China still face some restrictive factors. Among them, casting machine technology level of backwardness is a major bottleneck, only break this bottleneck, casting materials of machine tool industry in China has the potential to achieve substantial breakthroughs in the smooth development of rapid development.