Tapping Machine R Shape U Shape

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Tapping Machine R Shape U Shape 
1. Composition of machine
The machine consists of two parts: straight line segment wrapping device and annular segment wrapping device.
Straight line segment wrapping device consists of wrapping head, linear guide rail, body, tailstock, conductor support mechanism and control system.
Annular segment wrapping device consists of wrapping head, arc guide rail, arc base, hand displace guide rail and control system.

2. Principle of the machine and primary structures
One end of conductor is attached on the tailstock of straight line segment wrapping device, and the tailstock utilizes buckle clamp mode, and position can be adjusted according to conductor length. For the other end, there is conductor bearing at the junction (angle range 30°- 80°) between annular and straight line for supporting the weight of the conductor. Up and down can be adjusted through the motor.

Machine main parameter:





Crepe/craft paper

Width 20-30 mm Buyer provides samples when test run


Crepe/craft paper disc

Central spindle: Ф50±2mm External diameter (max):Ф300mm


Body stand

Welding table as the base frame of rail, linear guide rail is installed on the base frame
There is supporting stand for the conductor


Wrapped rim

Straight line part, minimum effective rotating inner diameter 400mm
Annular part, flexible circle winding
Take-off tension, maximum 5kgf
The contact surface of the paper is made of resin, the metal face of rim must be through surface treatment to prevent rust and metal powder cannot fall out.


Maximum wrapping
 rotating speed

Straight line segment Max. 100rpm, arc segment Max. 30rpm(speed is adjustable)


Stack cover rate

1/2; 1/3 selectable


External dimension

Taking into account easy to disassembly when moved in
Workplace entrance dimension: 7000(L)×1500(W)×1800H(mm)


Power supply

AC380 / 50 Hz; Three phases