Paperboard Processing End Ring Milling Machine

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Paperboard Processing End Ring Milling Machine
This machine is designed for manufacturing pressing rings and end rings of big type transformer via processing a paperboard. It is mainly to mill and turn internal and external circles and also mill arc, straight and skew slots. The drilling and local plane processing can be realized as well.

The machine is mainly consists of three parts such as the spindle drive for the working table, the cutting feed drive and the electric numerical control system.
1. The spindle drive for the working table: to direct coupling reducer by servo motor, and the working table is put in motion by the pinion driving the gear wheel.
2. The cutting feed motion mainly finishes the processing by horizontal and vertical servo motors, consisting of the horizontal slide plate, the vertical slide plate, the Linear guide rail, the ball screw and the milling spindle, which controlled by selection of the push buttons of the CNC system.
3. The characteristics of the CNC system
3.1 Equipped with the color screen of 8.4 inches with resolution 640×480.
3.2 The real-time and all round self diagnosis function, and real-time display of various statuses for the system.
3.3 The machine back to the reference point.
3.4 The tool compensation function.
3.5 The Max. stroke, soft and hard limit function.
3.6 The USB removable U disk copy function.
3.7 RS232 communication interface.
3.8 To co figurate hanging hand-wheel.
3.9 The real-time adjustment for the spindle and feeding speeds.


Dia. of working table


Rotating speed of the working table

≤ 10r/min

Speed of milling spindle

≤ 6000r/min

Moving distance of the vertical tool carrier


Main motor power of milling spindling


Milling spindle motor power


Horizontal servo motor power


Vertical servo motor power


Dust collector motor power


Moving distance of main beam


Height between the beam and the working table


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