Paperboard Processing Cylinder Cohesion Machine

Product Details

Paperboard Processing Cylinder Cohesion Machine
It is designed for bonding the large insulation pressboard cylinder in the field of transformer, i.e. the hot sticking on the juncture of the insulation pressboard rolled to cylinder under certain pressure and temperature conditions.
This machine has four major components such as mechanical part (pedestal and beam), hydraulic system, electrical control system and heating system. The pedestal and beam is with steel plate welded after VSR treatment. And the hydraulic station and the hydraulic cylinder are selected with the high-quality Chinese products. The cylinder is on top type, the number of cylinders should guarantee the beam and mold have enough strength and stiffness. The visual deformation and leaking oil are not permitted. This machine has the setting of temperature, pressure and time coefficient as well as the control function, with the cylindrical support frame.


Pressboard's thickness


Max. Length of cylinder


Max. width of overlapping part:


Range of Dia. for cylinder


System pressure

8 MPa

Heating method

Electrical heating
Bonding temperature 70cº~110c°adjustable

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